Taiwan Invites Indians To Celebrate ‘True Love’!


This small island nation is known for its modern cities, traditional Chinese temples, hot springs resorts and dramatic mountainous terrains. Taiwan still remains as one of the more unexplored destinations of Southeast Asia, which makes it a unique offering for Indian couples seeking privacy.

Lately, the introduction of India’s Act East Policy has increased traffic between the two countries, . According to resources, last year Taiwan attracted over 40,000 Indian visitors and tourists. The numbers are set to double this year. Travel agents are rigorously working on promoting Taiwan as a destination for both destination weddings and honeymoons.

Blessed with stunning natural beauty, Taiwan has become a global trendsetter in the engagement and pre-wedding photography industry, attracting a large number of international couples to capture their happiness and take their vows on this beautiful island.

Lush scenery surrounding the Sun Moon Lake is a dream location for newlyweds. Alishan known for weddings under a timeless tree signifies the bond of eternal love. Hualien, the city covered with Southern European architecture is one of the most elegant destinations for stylish weddings. Walk down the aisle to witness an exotic romance in the floating chapel at Yilan. These are some of the most popular destinations that couples choose to have their wedding photographs taken at and it definitely doubles up as a romantic holiday.

From the perfect proposal to the dreamiest honeymoon, Taiwan’s top hotels provide a brilliant backdrop for a wedding or commitment ceremony that reflects who you are as a couple. Be it with W Taipei, Mandarin Oriental, Taipei Marriott Hotel among others you’ll get to enjoy exclusive services so your wedding experience is exactly how you’ve always imagined.

Couples and their accompanying relatives, who set their footprints in these magical places, take home the sweetest memories that will last forever. Pack your bags and fly to Taiwan with your better half for an unforgettable romantic wedding or pre-wedding photo journey or on a honeymoon this wedding season.