Taking Care of Your Soles, Beneath


Well, let’s just agree on the fact that we do not really take good care of our feet as much as we do of our face and body. It is really important to maintain the health of your feet as even the slightest issue with them could result in no walking or moving around for days or maybe weeks. But what actually is needed for your foot if you shower regularly? If that is what you think too, we have the treat to offer. Follow the below tips and notice the difference in your foot health –

  1. Say No to Hard Soles
Wearing hard soles can damage your feet.

Your feet are literally the foundation on which your body functions, and keeping them comfortable is a priority. For best foot health, avoid wearing hard soles. The ones in which you are unable to press hard as it might hurt should be totally restricted from your shoe drawer. Stiff footwear soles can not only result in uncomfortable walking and pains when you remove them, but also invite several problems like corns and calluses. Whenever you purchase footwear, make sure that the curves of your feet, that is the heel and the ball does not hurt.

  1. Comfortable Wearing
Choose comfort over style.

Another yes goes to comfortable footwear. Often tightly fitted footwear can lead to no oxygen reaching your feet and thus different health conditions. If your foot skin is unable to breathe freely inside, their health will start deteriorating. Try to think of a situation where your jeans are too tight, or your face mask is stuck to your mouth, how would you feel by then? That is exactly how it is with your foot. Uncomfortable footwear can also damage your toes and nails by not providing enough space to move.

  1. Moisturizing is a Must
Moisturizing is like food for your feet.

Surprise-surprise, your feet need moisturization too! Like any other part of your body, your feet also require a basic amount of moisturization to avoid drying and cracking up. Since they are the base of your body, it is essential that you provide an appropriate amount of food to them in order to function well. After your shower, damp-dry your feet and apply ample moisturizer. Also, reapply it before going to bed at night as this works as a healing component.

  1. Keep it Short
Trim your toenails regularly.

The nails of our toes grow way slower than that of our hands. And this is why people tend to ignore them and let them grow freely. While long toenails are not exactly a problem, having them too long is. If you do not cut your toenails at regular intervals, not only will they cause problems in wearing closed shoes, but also result in ingrown nails which can be extremely painful and hard to remove. It is advised that you also cut or soften the corners of your nails so that they do not bite your skin.

  1. Wet or Dry?
Damp-dry your foot.

Many people are confused as to keep their feet wet or dry, as wet does not lead to falling off of the skin, but provokes slipping, and dry suits better, but can turn into serious foot conditions. The answer is – neither! When your feet are too wet, you can slip in your footwear of course, as there will be no grip. This can also lead to excessive sweating and blisters. When they are too dry, the skin can crack up and you can feel pain in your soles, making it difficult to walk. So, what do you do? It is pretty simple, and also explained above. Wipe off excess water or sweat from your foot, and then apply moisturizer or petroleum jelly. Allow the skin to breathe and absorb what you applied to it earlier. Once the skin is all soft, wear your footwear/ socks.

  1. Basic Hygiene
The routine you should follow for your feet.

To maintain the health of any part of your body, you need to maintain the basic hygiene levels of it. The same goes for your feet also. Make sure that you follow the above beforehand. Wear fresh socks every day, which are made of breathable material. If your feet are dirty, wash off the excess dirt and use a light scrub to clean the particles. Use warm water to treat your foot, and also regularly remove the dirt from your nails. Keep a separate towel for your foot, as you do not want to use it on your face or body.