Team up with your partner for tattoos! Couple Tattoo edition


Tattoos are permanent and so are the feeling and your relationship with your significant other, here are few couple tattoo ideas that you can get with your partner to celebrate with them and flaunt it out to the world.

Remembering dates


The first thing that comes to your mind when you think about your relationship with your partner is going to be that perfect but tiring day of your wedding when you finally were officially each other’s forever soulmate. Wouldn’t it be amazing to permanently inscribe that date on your body and celebrate your love?. It would act as a permanent reminder of each other’s love but also so aesthetically pleasing as tattoos.

Jigsaw puzzle


If dates and roman numerals are not the vibes for you and your partner we have a fix for you. You can get personalized pieces of jigsaw puzzles (it could be a random jigsaw puzzle piece or something specific depending on your goofy preferences) that fit perfectly to represent how you both fit together and in fact complete each other.

Ring finger tattoos

What else could be more direct than the fact that you got your partner’s name tattooed on your ring finger to forever and permanently leave a mark on your spectacular love? This tattoo does not only represent the significance that your better half holds for you but also acts as an accessory in case you forget to wear jewelry

Twinning with your bae

If your love language is not that direct like the other ones and you want something creative you can pick a favorite picture of you two and get it tatted as an outline tattoo so it captures the essence of your relationship like no other tattoo would. This kind of tattoo can be so versatile, if an outlined portrait is not your aesthetic you can get anything significant tatted as matching tattoos- anything that is of similar taste for you and your partner works. A chord/music note of the first song you danced to, or your favorite color or activity, anything that reminds you of each other makes this tattoo work.

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