Temple Jewellery For Your D-Day

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Jadau jewellery from the royal Rajasthan, pearl and polki jewellery from Hyderabad, tribal jewellery from North-East or intricate nakshi temple jewellery from Southern India, jewellery has been preserved and adored through the ancient times to the 21st century. Indian jewellery epitomizes beauty and elegance. That one heritage jewellery from our mother or grandmother’s jewellery box that is most trending these days is timeless temple jewellery.

What is Temple Jewellery?

Temple Jewellery, the beautifully crafted Indian ornament is a part of our rich Hindu heritage. Temple jewellery making is an old art form, where figures of Gods and Goddesses serve as an inspiration for jewellery designs. As this is an old style of crafting, it’s completely handmade and involves a lot of carvings (nakkashi) and comes from the days of kings and emperors. The temple jewellery, though not very common in other part of the country except South India, is very symbolic to Indian tradition, culture and belief. The South Indians are very fond of temple jewellery. The belief in the Hindu Gods and Goddesses is strongly reflected in the temple jewellery.

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Every Brides Choice

Saying that temple jewellery is trending might be incorrect as it was never out of fashion. The stunningly carved jewellery with images of various deities is available mainly made in gold and studded with various coloured gemstones for a regal look. Mr. Chitwn D. Malhotra from luxury jewellery brand, Dillano says, “Temple jewellery is now in vogue and is customised to suit the diverse taste of buyers. Jewellery pieces were presented to the temple by the royalty, goldsmiths and devotees as offerings to the Hindu deities and this is how it got its name. Temple jewellery come in diverse designs, be it traditional such as waves, dots and lines; motif such as floral shapes like lotus flower and birds like peacocks and swans; abstract such as zig-zag and interspersion of shapes; and temple designs such as gods and goddesses, dancers and royal figure statuettes. The ornaments that comprise of these intricately crafted, big pieces of jewelry are bangles, earrings, necklace, waist belt, nose rings and anklets.”

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Modern Day Temple Jewellery

In older times, temple jewellery was in pure gold sans gemstones or any other metal. Nowadays, temple jewellery has been given a modern avatar. Many designers are amalgamating traditional designs of temple jewellery with metals like silver. They are also using gemstones to highlight the jewellery. Ace designer Mira Gulati from Mirari says, “Since jewellery forms the most important part of the attire on the big day, no bride wants to go wrong with it. No matter, how modern and progressive we become, when talking about wedding; every girl loves to adorn the traditional Indian jewellery. The brides these days love to experiment with various styles and seek classic yet traditional look. Traditionally made out of uncut rubies, diamonds, emeralds and various other precious stones, the unique and custom made designs of temple jewellery are making them popular and adorable jewellery options for the brides.” The coin neck pieces were the most popular of the temple collection jewellery and can be worn with western attire as it will add Indo-fusion touch to your personality.

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Style it Right

No bride wants to go wrong on her wedding day. Stylizing temple jewellery is as important as wearing it is. Mira from Mirari says, “Temple jewellery in itself is a complete style and one doesn’t really need to worry much about styling while adorning temple jewellery. It can be worn with anything ethnic from lehenga, saree to a salwar kameez. One can adorn a subtle look with no or minimal makeup as your jewellery will grab the attention of the crowd and is sure to turn heads wherever you go.” Temple jewellery is extremely versatile piece of jewellery, which can be worn with both traditional as well as western outfits. Temple jewellery is an important part of bridal jewellery trousseau. It is a must-have for every modern bride. It is becoming a fashion symbol amongst fashionistas. It is very important to have an update on what are the latest designs that are in vogue when it comes to temple jewellery for brides. Big, chunky peieces with an idol are a perfect pick for the wedding. Mango mala also looks trendy with lehengas.


A bride decked up in Temple Jewellery looks so ravishing that even the gods smile!

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