The Banjaaran Bride


TakingThe days leading up to the grand wedding are received with profound celebrations and festivities. The mood in totality revolves around exuberance and effervescence. There are a trail of celebrations which include dinners, parties and get-togethers. And with this charade of soirees, a bride is ought to face the customary and mandatory problem of “What to Wear”. Now what to wear is a problem whose definite solution has not yet been discovered and the chances of finding a precise answer to that do seem very bleak. But what we do have is a magical hack which will transform any outfit that you don from monotonous and drab to glamorous and fab. Whether it is a pair of jeans with a basic shirt or a printed maxi dress or even a kurta and palazzo set, it can be brought to the level of a true fashionista with just a little bit of adornment. All you need are some statement jewelry pieces in your wardrobe which will take care of the transformation for you. The choices in the market are infinite which raise the problem of indecisiveness and dilemmas. Zara, Forever 21, Mango, H&M are all high-street fashion brands which offer an array of trendy and stylish fashion jewelry which is ought to make your outfit look perky. But instead of getting lured by the greed to own quantity, head back into time a little and invest in sterling silver pieces which are antique as well as timeless and will provide quality in abundance. The advantage with silver jewelry is that it doesn’t break or get tarnished as easily, and promises to stay by your side forever. It’s also an investment of sorts since it is a precious metal.
With silver jewelry, there are no fashion faux pas’s or Over-The-Top moments because of its antique and indo-western look. You can go for statement necklaces (the absolute big and chunky), or shoulder dusters or even host an arm party with stacked bracelets and bangles. Statement rings are another great way of showcasing sophistication and class.

Statement Necklaces

These are ideal for outfits which fall on the plainer side and have necklines which are not too busy with prints or embroideries. You can make a choice between completely indian and indo-western, depending on the outfit and occasion. One necklace and all your worries have been taken care of, effortlessly.

Statement Rings


When you are opting for an outfit which has a busy neckline or a busy print, then shoulder duster earrings are a great way to up the style quotient. Tie your hair up in a bun to not-so-casually show off your bling and also channel the inner elegance. In earrings, the options are wider than the other categories of jewelry. The most versatile ones are the solid silver ones and the ones with mirror work on them.


Arm Party

Stacking, layering and mixing should be your fashion mantras if you are a jewelry junkie. In this trend, there is no such thing as “too much”. It’s the opposite being;the more the merrier. The perfect recipe for arm party includes a mixture of a watch with bangles, bracelets, midi rings and rings in unequal and random quantities.



Statement Rings and Bangles

Sangeeta Boochra
Sangeeta Boochra

If stacking is not your cup of tea, then you can keep it simple with one piece of jewelry either a chunky ring or a bold bangle. It keeps things minimal yet elegant and leaves room for mixing up other elements of jewelry.

So channel the inner bohemian animal in you and reflect the perfect banjaaran style in your selection of antique and sterling silver jewelry. Stack them up or single them out, the style quotient will remain soaring!


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