The best of 2020 jewellery trends for the bride

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Textures induced by a variety of precious raw stones and metals are all set to dominate the style sheets of the months lined ahead of us. Get ready to see brides twinkling with colourful gemstones. The runway trends continue to be dominated by layered jewellery in a myriad of colours. Size and shape are key elements of the season, with designs skewing towards the big and the sculptural ornaments. Hence, you need to style those big hoops, chunky chains and over-the-top rings to all your evening soirees, this season, for a trendy look. Wedding Affair enlists some of the must-have styles of the season for the bride.

Over the Top

Royal Pepper

This jewellery style is making waves around the world. Now maximalist style is supposed to be over-the-top, but some people like to keep it subtle. If you want to ride in the trend current but do not want to look loaded, you need to work on the styling. The key is to pick a theme, colour or body part and just focus on styling it correctly. Stacking it is going to be your thing, if you’re new to the larger-than-life accessories — just get stacked in a few dainty and minimal pieces to create the maximalist effect. Or you can choose just one huge, sculptural piece to complement your look. There are a gazillion options in the market to choose from. Accessories accentuated with label logos like Gucci and CHANEL also count in the maximalist wave due to their exaggerated engravings.

Sea-inspired shell jewellery is also among those turning big and bigger. Further, we are all set to see shell jewellery take on extra-large, almost exaggerated, proportions. No more dainty shells or surfer-like pendants, this time it will be a statement piece or nothing at all. The spring of 2020 is ready to be decked in plenty of adornments that made a bold statement but still felt cool and modern.

Geometric Shapes

Luxury Harry Winston

Jewellery in geometric shapes and designs also trend owing to their minimalistic and formal appeal. Geometric jewellery is great for everyday wear, perfect for the office or occasions where bohemian accessories just aren’t suitable. Geometric styles look tidy and chic and oftentimes carry hidden meanings and messages of pop culture.

Jewellery designers across the world have been on a roll recently. Their creativity blossoming with each creation has been delighting us with interesting combinations and varied textures. The modern approach to surface embellishment makes use of classic profiles with raw materials and an otherworldly aesthetic. The texture on jewellery can either come effectively by engraving or embossing different patterns and motifs. The use of precious gems and stones on metals also provides an interesting synergy.


Interestingly, while gemstones and crystals are delivering the gorgeous art-deco style texture jewellery. The precious stones are also the necessary colourful effect in jewellery these days. Hence, from everything related to motifs and embossments to texture effect is coming by the colourful stones in jewellery.

Textures and Colours

As stated earlier, raw, unstructured and multi-coloured gemstones in a single piece of jewellery are the new glamour quotient in a piece of jewellery. Be it a small, dainty hoop or a multi-layered necklace — gemstones are adorning most of the best-selling adornments in the market. Ace designers like Marc Jacobs, Ulla Johnson, Anna Sui and Brandon Maxwell are among the designers who have experimented with the maximum number of colours in their latest jewellery creations for spring 2020.


Each of the gemstones also carries astrological importance for various people. Hence, people like to invest in these gemstones for their wedding jewellery for horoscopy advantages as well. 

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