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Chocolates are the solution to everything. Chocolates are love. Chocolates are life. Any occasion is incomplete without chocolates. Then why leave weddings occasions alone in savouring them with chocolates. A perfect alternative to your regular mithaai, Windsor Chocolates are a great option for gifting your guests or enjoying the occasion.

The Windsor Chocolatier has been the new master of the art of chocolate making since 2013. They have learnt, developed and refined the secret recipes driven by the passion for creative excellence following Rule of 7. Windsor is a brand created by Rhea, an ambitious entrepreneur from the business family — EASTMAN GROUP. Having learnt chocolate making from celebrated chocolatiers from over 15 countries, she brings in chocolate-making to India. The reason handmade chocolates are Windsor Chocolatier’s USP is handmade chocolate instead of machine-made or premade chocolates. One of the main reasons is ingredients, which they hold to a high standard, baking in patches, and deriving from the best raw materials. These include many single elements and single Homestead Chocolates made from fresh beans around the world. Chocolates are contrived without any artificial products and all of their concentrates and essences are made in-house. The cacao seeds are largely found in Andes Mountains near the Amazon Rivers. Three main types of chocolates are white chocolates, milk chocolates, and dark chocolates. Windsor Chocolatier ensures quality delivery of all these kinds of chocolates.

Homemade chocolates are natural products made of the best ingredients which are available to Windsor Chocolatiers and the consumers can savour the taste of the best ingredients around the globe. The ingredients include — chocolate liquor, cocoa butter, sugar, lecithin, vanilla, milk, fruits, nuts and other add-ins. More ingredients are added to their products according to the taste and type of chocolate. If you want the best chocolates for your wedding, head to the site — — to learn more.


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