The Best Running Dress Trends that are Worth Your Shot


All seasons are dress seasons. But summers? They really deserve praise for being the most flexible season of the entire year. The loo is back, and so is the urge from our ladies to overflow their closets from dresses ranging in color, size, pattern and what not. Who said that you need to keep wearing your old ones, when below is a list of the most aesthetically pleasing pieces of this year? Create a check-list ladies, because you are about to overdo your budget with these elegant pieces of beauty.

  • Floral Dress
How cute is this Taylor Swift floral dress, best suited for a brunch date?

One of the most trending designs on Instagram is the floral dress. This is the best season to wear a floral piece on any regular day of your life. There are numerous patterns like tiny Daisies, to huge Hydrangeas. Pro tip is to wear one of these on a brunch date with your friends or partner, or you could also make it a birthday pick. Florals add a touch of that darling feeling to your look, and who does not want that cute little adoration look.

  • Geometric Pattern Design
Add twist to your wardrobe and your silhouette with this geometric pattern dress.

If you are looking to add some edge to your wardrobe, geometric patterns are your pick. These are designed in such a way that they flatter different parts of your silhouette, through different shapes and designs. If you wish to look taller, go for vertical patterns like stripes. To bring attention to your waist, try pieces with curved lines on the belt area.

  • Slip Dress
A slip dress is classy and sultry clubbed together.

Another top pick from the markets of Instagram are the slip dresses. These are more than perfect for a dinner night, or intimate events. Slip dresses are made of satin and they fall effortlessly on all body types. Providing the right detail to your frame, slips are back in fashion from the 90s era, and they aren’t going anywhere. Simply pair a slip dress with a pair of sleek heels and wavy locks, and you are the showstopper now.

  • Ruched Dress
Isn’t this the prettiest dress for a date night?

This has to be our personal favorites. Ruched dresses are those which are gathered at a specific part of your body, usually the waist and the lower abdomen. The idea is to make the dress sit perfectly on your pelvic and create a rippling effect. Again, this piece is so dreamy that all women would want to buy it. And we say, why not!

  • T-shirt Dress
Model Hailey Bieber sporting a t-shirt dress in a super cool way.

Looking for a casual pick? T-shirt dress is the right answer. Ranging from day outs, to shopping visits, brunch dates, to college events, these dresses never disappoint. Girls can also style t-shirt dresses in different styles like throwing a fancy jacket over it, or wearing a denim skirt over the dress. Just pull a tee-dee from the lot, and experiment with it however you want.

  • Ribbed Dress
Notice how this ribbed dress gives the feel of a sweater and a casual dress altogther.

Ribbed dresses could be called the child of ruched dresses and t-shirt dresses. No, seriously. Resembling the material of a sweater, ribbed dresses are made of t-shirt like material, and have vertical pattern lines all over it. These are not prints, but patterns, like it is engraved over the dress. Super stretchy and comfortable to wear, ribbed look so chic when paired with white sneakers and a denim jacket.

  • Blingy Dress
Perfect for an all night party, this is our top pick for blingy dress.

Heading to a party in a boring monotonous dress? No way! This is your sign to invest in a blingy or a little embellished dress for important events of your nights. These are usually made in deep hues and definitely flash James Bond girl vibes. We are sure that when you step out in a bling dress, it will not be only the stars that will be shining bright!

  • Little Black Dress
We are in love with this chic Little Black Dress.

The list would be incomplete if we hadn’t included this must have dress – the Little Black Dress (LBD)! The color black never disappoints and if you pair it up with a subtle and classic dress that is suitable for all possible occasions, nobody can move their eyes from you. For maximum impact, keep your styling and accessories on the low if this is your outfit for the day, or the night!

  • Formal Wear Dress
This elegant formal dress to flaunt at your workplace.

How could we miss out on an important aspect of life – the work life? Of course there are so many adornments for your office premises that help you step up your game from casual wear. Formal work wear not only molds into the environment of your workplace, but also boosts your confidence. Make sure that you choose the dress that fits right, as you do not want to disappoint yourself by looking saggy in a solemn setup.

Women love to flaunt dresses, and we love to give inspiration to these women. We know you loved each and every one of the above dresses, and we want you to try them on soon! Pick the right fit and let the piece make a statement for you.