How to Choose the Best Signature Drinks for Your Wedding


Want to do some personalisation on the wedding bar menu? Discover the best ideas for signature drinks for your wedding and impress your guests!

Weddings are all about celebrations, a celebration of love, union, and bonds between people. And this celebration is filled with laughter, joy, and memories. To make these memories more enjoyable, you should have a signature drink menu for your wedding. If you are looking forward to elevating your reception or cocktail hour, we have got you covered. Keep your guests entertained and let them let loose at your party with the addition of a creative and innovative bar menu. 

Want to do some personalisation on the wedding bar menu?

Signature drinks are a great idea not only for serving alcohol but also for making it more personal and significant for you and your significant other. It is a must in today’s wedding menu to have personalised signature beverages. The drinks you serve should be as memorable as the food served at your wedding. It also lets your guests socialise and have quality time. And how can you ignore all the moves on the dance floor?

How Do You Pick Your Signature Drinks?

It may seem challenging to choose a signature cocktail, let alone a whole bar menu. You can get help from expert mixologists and select a cocktail mix that serves the purpose. But there are still some more responsibilities left to it when it comes to making it more personal and memorable. Here are a few pointers to keep in mind while planning a signature cocktail menu for your wedding.

  • Simplicity Is the Key

keep more big-batch cocktails in the menu

You don’t want your guests to be standing in long lines in front of the bar waiting for their drinks while the bartender stirs ice and drinks together to create some super complex cocktail. It may sound fascinating, but it’s not the most practical idea. Keep your signature cocktails simple and quick to make. It should take less time to prepare and have a lesser number of ingredients for single-serve cocktails, to keep the party going smoothly. Also, keep more big-batch cocktails in the menu to speed up the bar.

  • Go for Something Meaningful

Raise Your Glass, Embrace the Exceptional.

The goal while choosing signature drinks for your wedding is not to make the best cocktail in the world, it’s not some mixology competition. Instead, incorporate ingredients and flavours that have some sentimental value to you and your partner. Use your favourite flavours so that you genuinely want to drink the beverage on your own big day. Share with everyone memories connected with the drinks and why they are special.

  • Fit Your Aesthetic

Do you have a theme for your wedding?

Do you have a theme for your wedding? Is it in any particular destination, or following any distinct aesthetic? Ask these questions and try matching your beverages list with the answers. You can have elegant wine for your very sophisticated wedding, or vintage rum for your 1920s theme party. Place and time are also very important when deciding on a drink menu. Drinks for summer will be different from drinks for winter, and the same goes for different destinations.

  • Find Flavours for Everyone

This is a difficult job, to find cocktails that everyone will enjoy.

This is a difficult job, to find cocktails that everyone will enjoy. Sure, it’s your day and your choice is the first choice. But don’t forget the people who might not enjoy that one signature drink. We suggest keeping at least 4-5 signature drinks on your menu, each different from the other and checking different boxes so that everyone on your guest list can enjoy one drink or another. Don’t make every drink fruity or don’t add mint in every cocktail.

  • Give Unique Names

Highlight the drink's unique qualities - What makes it stand out?

The subsequent task after crafting your unique signature cocktail is to choose a name for them that is equally unique and catchy. You can take inspiration from everywhere, they can be related to any particular time, location, place or memory that’s special for you and your partner. You can use nicknames, your beloved objects, or your favourite passion. You can also have fun with the name by assigning a humorous name to your drinks.

  • Don’t Forget Presentation

The aesthetic of your beverage is as important as its taste or name.

The aesthetic of your beverage is as important as its taste or name. The more inviting your drinks on the bar look, the more people will enjoy and remember them. And of course, amazing photographs for your wedding album. Follow your wedding theme and colour scheme while decorating the glasses. Choose appropriate glassware for each drink, aesthetically appealing and practical to drink from. Choose your garnish also according to the theme of your wedding. You can also add customised decorations to make it even more memorable.

Planning a wedding can be a long monotonous task, with so many events, so many things to decide, and so many options available. But not all part of this months-long planning has to be boring because some plans are for something exciting and fun – a party!  Have fun with it!

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