The *Best* Skincare Tips You Need To Follow In Your Late 20s


While 25 is still young what we need to acknowledge is that our skin is ageing along with us. The 20s are the most productive years of one’s life. Hustle and striving for success and a number of other stress start piling up. Hence, it is important we make slight but effective changes in our skin care routine!

Cleanse, Cleanse & Cleanse!


While simply washing your face won’t be counted. You need to start applying light but proper face cleansers such as Neutrogena fresh foaming face wash or L’Oreal’s anti breakout facial cleanser. These will penetrate deep into your skin and clean pores.

Exfoliating Is Essential

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Add an exfoliating scrub to your routine at least twice a week. Do not exfoliate every day it might lead to irritation and scratches on your skin. Use Himalaya Exfoliating walnut scrub, apply in smaller portions.

Anti-Aging Eye Cream Is Beneficial


To make sure the hustle of life isn’t reflected in the eyes! Eyes need to be the part most taken care of. Apply eye cream regularly to avoid puffiness and darkening around the eyes!  Avoid applying too much makeup around the eyes, try to keep the process natural to see changes. Lakme Youth Infinity Skin Firming Eye Cream could be your best choice!

Bye, Bye Sugar!

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This diet change is one that will bring major changes. One should consume 25 gm of sugar in a day. Try not exceeding the scale and cut on sugar as much as possible. You can have days where you completely want to indulge in chocolate and pastries, keep those put in restrain from it as much as you can.

Exercise 3 Days In A Week

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Exercise has always been used as a plan to reduce weight. It is important to know when included in everyday routine it helps to keep the skin rejuvenated and healthy! Sweating out antioxidants is almost as if a skin peels off its old skin!

Add our essentials to yours and witness an unparalleled healthy and glowing skin!

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