The Big Bun Story


When does one not get married? Never! Weddings are always round the corner, and so are trends. You really have to think everything through to create the perfect ethnic wedding look. And let’s just start with those tresses. Buns have always been a part of the Indian culture and they have evolved massively through all these years. Today we bring to you some beautiful bun styles that you can choose to adorn as a bride, bridesmaid, mother, or guest. Time to unlock the vanity!

  1. Go Floral
The alluring floral bun.

This is one of the most iconic and trending looks on brides these days. We love how angelic and wholesome this looks, on being paired with any event outfit. You can choose to make any puffy bun on your hair, and all you need to do is to pick up a bunch of your favorite flowers and cover all your hair with those. No bun is visible, and the accessories do the talking. Win-win, isn’t it? You could either pick one type of flower or varieties too.

  1. Inside Out Buns
The donut-like inside out bun.

A creative way to sport a giant bun on your head is to turn it inside out. Usually, buns are made by rolling up your hair in a circular motion and then securing it by pinning the excess hair inside. Now, we shall do it the other way. Use a hair donut and place it around your pony. Gently wrap your hair around the donut, covering the whole of it. Secure your hair with pins and add jewelry or accessories if needed. This bun is famous in the southern regions of India and is now a trend in all directions.

  1. Crescent Bun
Pretty in crescent.

A cute take on the regular buns that sit high on your head. This one sits on your lower neck or the nape in a crescent moon-like shape. It is a pretty pick for ladies who like to keep it basic yet beautiful. If you cut a circular bun into halves and place both the halves on one side, what you will see is a crescent bun. Your hair has to be rolled up like a scroll card and then be pinned in a semi-circle shape. Add fun accessories to complete the look.

  1. Braided Buns
A chic braided bun.

One of the most running styles of flaunting the buns is the braided bun. There is something so effortless about this one, that a bride could pick it for her look even when blindfolded. Simply comb and braid your hair and roll it up in the shape of a bun. Take out some loose strands to create that chic look. You could opt for a low-rise braid, or a high-rise if you are able to take the weight.

  1. All Curls
The curly-messy bun.

For ladies with strong waves, this one’s a safe option. Although you can attain all of the styles mentioned in the blog by first straightening your locks, with this one, you can flaunt your natural beauty. Doesn’t matter if you are wearing a saree, a lehnga, a suit, or even a gown. A neatly done curly bun would do justice to all your ensembles.

  1. Classic Bollywood
Bollywood beauties flaunting the classic bun.

Bollywood has been the mainstream inspiration to so many people out there. Thanks to its iconic looks that create the perfect amount of charismatic look on the big day. From Deepika Padukone to Kriti Sanon, Shraddha Kapoor to Anushka Sharma, all the B-town ladies have been seen sporting the classic slicked-back bun with the evergreen gajras. Clean comb your hair, or gel it up to attain a wet hair look. Run the comb in the middle to create a center partition and pull back your hair. Tie it up in a bun and use a gajra layer or two to pin on the circumference of your bun. That is all you need to rule the world in Bollywood style.

  1. Twisted Tales
A twisted bun.

Looking for something quirky and easy to carry? Try the twist bun. Take your hair and start twisting it into a roll and then wrap it up in the shape of a bun. That’s it, you’re done! Surely this is going to take longer than you expect but it is definitely worth a try. You could modify the bun by making two or three rolls out of your hair instead of one and then wrapping it around. Be careful with the rolling around as it could tangle your hair if not done right, and there you have a life-size rose at the back of your head.

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