The Big Fat Indian Wedding in Kerala


We spend countless hours of our time in planning the most romantic and dreamy wedding. The folks over at Kerala seem to be enjoying the big, the fat and the completely boisterous weddings, outdoing the people in North by miles.  Our southern counterpart are setting new (and unachievable) #weddingoals and redefining what extravagant means. Our ideology to go all-out in weddings is being put to shame by one of the richest people in Kerala; NRI businessman Ravi Pillai, who married off his daughter in Kerala, apparently splurging a whopping 55 crores on the week-long celebrations. And no, the double fives are not a typo. Rumor has it that the wedding venue was spread over 8 acres and was designed by acclaimed art director, Sabu Cyril who made us believe in larger-than-life sceneries with the blockbuster hit, Baahubali.

For the wedding, the theme was chosen to replicate a royal Rajasthani palace and the pandal boasted of a mighty 350,000 sq. feet. And as if that was not enough, the wedding was attended by over 30,000 guests including affluent people such as businessmen, industrialists, Tollywood celebrities, royal families from the Middle East and many more and saw breathtaking performances by many famous celebrities.
The bride, Dr. Aarathi Ravi Pillai looked mesmerizing in a Manish Malhotra bridal lehenga and was adorned by strings of diamond necklaces (that is a complete understatement!). She really seems to have a thing for diamonds, judging by her looks.

wedding-Mashable.wb_ Dr-Ravi-Pillais-daughter-Arathi-660x400 arathi-pillai-marriageWhile some feel that this is sheer wastage of money, the man who spent the big bucks seems to have a whole different take on the situation. He has set aside 10 crores to be donated to among various cancer awareness foundations. And was also seen telling media that he wants to promote Kerala as a destination for investment  by the rich and influential guests who have come in from all over the world.