The breakup rule guide: things ‘not’ to say while breaking up


Whats your take on breaks up? Well, of course, thats a silly question, but if given a thought how would you begin your breakup talk? What is that you would say to your partner? Well, before answering that we have an important discussion to highlight- things notto say while breaking up with your partner. Listed below are a few things that you should NOT say while you plan on breaking up with your existing partner, have a look and keep them in mind.

Never break up over a text


Well, breakups are often considered to be one of the worst and the most consuming experiences in ones life. And why wouldnt they be after all you are about to give up the love of your life. While we aim at discussing a few factors to keep in mind while breaking up with someone then the first one would be to NOT break up over a text. This is by far the worst and the most cowardly way one can end their relationship. No matter how troubled your relationship may have been, you should at least respect the time you spent together and state the reason behind your break up in person and not just via texts.

No false hopes, please

Seldom when one is about to break up their partner they do tend to get nervous and say things like we might get along in futureor that I will get back once Im ready. Well, as promising as this may seem this is all a hoax. There is a quite rare chance that people actually mean this. If you are sure about your decision then be firm and do not give your partner any false hopes that might stand in his/her way of moving on in life.

A big no to Its not you, it’s me’


Oh, cmon this is so mainstream and cliched to actually believe. Taking the blame for your breakup is one thing and stating it’s not you, it’s meis another. Well, the latter seems more like a formality and a way to get out of a conversation, so this is definitely not something that you should say while youre planning on breaking up with your partner. Because this might hurt them way more than you thought it would.

We can be friends?’

This ones a total bummer because cmon we know that half of the people dont even mean it when they say this. We can be friends if you wantis probably the worst thing one can say while breaking up. No matter how pure your intentions might be, but this will always portray you in a darker light. Maybe a little later you guys end up as friends but trust me dont even try bringing this up while breaking up.

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