The colours of a Kashmiri Pandit wedding 

Shambhavi Kartik

A heaven-like place is an ultimate delight for mesmerising wedding traditions. And when it comes to an authentic ritual-filled place like Kashmir. Everything seems extraordinarily beautiful. Kashmiri pandit wedding rituals and traditions are no doubt very simple and easy to perform. Yet wedding celebrations go on for many days due to the increased number of rituals. Here is a list of all the ritualistic essentials from the Kashmiri wedlock, which will without a streak of doubt leave you awe-inspired. 

  1. Vanna or Kasamdry – This is the engagement ceremony. The members of both the families meet in a temple and the elder members then exchange good wishes and flowers to welcome each other into their families.
  2. Livun or Krool Khanun – Both the bride and the groom’s own houses are cleaned properly and later the doors of both the houses get decorated with beautiful and fresh flowers, known as the krool khanun ritual.

  3. Maenziraat – It is the ceremonial bath, where the bride’s maternal uncle and aunt washes the feet of the bride. After the bath, the hands and feet of the bride are adorned with henna paste in elaborate and intricate designs. In this, other family members can also take part and apply mehendi on the hands and feet of the bride. This is followed by a delicious meal prepared by the Waza.
  4. Wanwun – Musical and dance celebrations start at both the houses and a day before the wedding, mehendi is applied to the bride’s hands as well as feet.
  5. 51 Thaal – In this, the family of the bride sends a total of 51 thaalis, all full of dry fruits, sweets, fruits etc. and two or three days before the marriage, the groom’s family sends ornaments and clothes for the bride.
  6. Phoolon ka gehna and snazaroo – This is one ritual where the groom’s family sends beautiful jewellery to the bride’s place. The jewellery which they send is made of flowers, which the bride wears on the morning of the wedding. The gift is also inclusive of cosmetics, a make-up box, sindoor, mirror and a betel leaf covered in gold or silver foil.
  7. Kanishran – On the day of the wedding a mixture of besan, curd and saffron is applied on to both the bride and the groom instead of haldi. In addition to this, flowers are showered during the ritualistic bathing. 
  8. Sanzvaru – The family of the groom sends their bride-to-be her make-up box, sindoor and a mirror and in the following ritual, the couple prays to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati for their blessings.

  9. Lagan – The pheras in Kashmiri pandit weddings are known as lagan, which is done as per the normal Vedic rituals. Before ushering in the groom, the priest does some puja at the mandap, which is followed by the dwar puja. Then, the bride is carried to the mandap by her maternal uncle. Both the bride and the groom’s heads are covered, and they are given a large mirror. The couple then sees each other for the first time in that mirror. Then, kanya daan takes place, where the bride’s father places her hand over the groom’s hands. After this, for the entire wedding ceremony, the groom is supposed to hold her hand tight. A cloth named, athwas, covers their hands. A golden thread named, mananmal, is tied to their foreheads. And then, the saptapadi (seven pheras) takes place.
  10. Posh Puza – The bride and the groom are asked to sit comfortably. Then a red cloth is placed over their heads. The entire friend’s group and families gather around the couple and offer them flowers (posh), while the Vedic mantras are being recited by the priest.
  11. Vidai – The bride says goodbye to all her family members and proceeds to her new home for the beginning of a new life. Before the bride leaves, the newly-weds are made to stand on the Vyoog, which is a wooden pedestal. The eldest female member of the bride’s family is then supposed to offer them rice thrice. Then, the bride throws a handful of rice over her shoulder. 

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