The God’s Own Country – Grand Hyatt, Kochi


‘Destination wedding’ in Kerala’s picturesque locations have become the latest trend in marriage ceremonies. Kerala known as “Gods own country” is very famous for its natural beauty, hill station and cultural versatility.  From right up in the north to down south, if there’s one place that’s catching the fancy of couples getting married, it’s Kerala. And why shouldn’t it?! This god’s own country is a beautiful mini version of India, which offers the most exotic backdrops for your D-day! Lush green grasslands and palm trees, serene beaches, spectacular hills, or mesmerizing backwaters, you name a thing and it’s there! With all this around, there is no chance that your destination wedding in Kerala will be any less than a cinematic affair! If you’re already planning to consider this place yet are confused about how exactly you want your wedding to be, worry not! From the venue of your D-day to the theme for your ceremonies, Grand Hyatt Kochi has got everything covered for you.


The place is also known as Cochin and Ernakulam is one of the biggest metropolises in South India. All the international standard amenities are accessible from Kochi. It is regarded as the best place for destination wedding due to its naturally gifted topography, highly beautiful coastal locations, high standard resort and international standard hotel – Grand Hyatt, Kochi.


Kochi is famous for its naturally beautiful locations enriched by numerous heavenly beaches, hill stations, cultural heritages and unparalleled hospitality. Considering these and many other prevailing favourable factors Kochi is the most right destination for your wedding ceremonies. Grand Hyatt, Kochi will make sure you have the wedding of your dreams in the most luxurious way. For more information:

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