The Idea of a Perfect Date


What even is a perfect date? Let us decode it today. A setup where you and your significant other have some real talks, along with some good food, far-far away from the rest of the world, deeply connected to each other, is what is called – A Perfect Date. While you might try to take inspiration from the movies or the series you watch, we all know they are unrealistic. And also, too cliché. Give a twist to your date by trying out the below ideas to spend quality time with each other –

  1. Visit a Comedy Show
Watch a comedy show together.

Laughter draws you closer. Yes, that is true. Visiting a comedy show can actually help you bond well with your partner, while you explore if you could together at awkward and shy jokes. This activity shows how really close are you to each other, and the amount of comfort you share in between. Notice how things go really well between you two after you hang out when the show ends. Enjoy some hours of chuckling and then grab a snack by the road. What a great way to end the day.

  1. Find a Rooftop Location
Romantic rooftop date.

So, this can be a little tricky for some couples. What you need to do, is to find a secluded place that is quiet and away from the sounds of the city. Somewhere you can see the entire urban from the top, and nobody could catch your eye. This place could be a quiet rooftop café, or our best recommendation is to choose the roof of one of your houses, if possible. Grab some pizzas and some drinks, and head to the rooftop. This could also turn into a stargazing night, where the noises of the city fade away, and all you could hear is each other’s hearts racing.

  1. Head for a Staycation
Run away from the city for a staycation.

We all need to catch a break, and what is better than heading to the outskirts of the city to breathe into the fresh air? Plan a trip for a day or two, or maybe just a morning-night thing, book a place that is in a peaceful and scenic location and spend some hours of a break with each other. We are not saying that make an itinerary to visit attraction points, absolutely not. All you need is your other half, at a serene location that is nowhere close to your home and work, and long hours of togetherness. Doesn’t matter if you sit quietly for a while, or if you keep on chatting, it is the time with each other that matters.

  1. Cook a Meal Together
Cooking together is a great bonding activity.

Another relationship-building activity is cooking together. The moments where you fold the batter for a cake, fry the crisps of a snack, blend a smoothie, or even boil some carbs, are exactly the kind of moments you need with each other. Pick a dish, or maybe a whole meal that you and your partner like to have, or maybe want to give it a try too. Fetch the ingredients while you search for what binds you together. Mix it all up while you detangle each other’s issues. And give the meal some time to cook, while you cuddle up with each other.

  1. Take a Talent Class
Find a class where you can explore your interests.

This will probably make the most interesting date of your life. Find out these that interest your partner. This could be painting, reading a book, or cycling. Basically, a hobby that interests one or both of you. Now, search for one- or two-day practice classes for these and visit it together. Imagine how fun it would be to paint something crazy along with your partner. Or how deep you could connect by just playing a game of soccer together.

  1. Classic Dinner Date
A perfect dinner date at home.

Okay, this had to make it to the list. Dinner dates are actually romantic if you shift your focus from fancy restaurants, blingy outfits, flashy pictures, and multi-cuisines, to comfortable seating, happy clothing, switched-off phones, and favorite meals. Try making a dinner date as relaxed as you can, and let the magic do the rest.

So, what is it that you are choosing to do with your partner? Pick what you both would to do together, or maybe turn all of the above ideas into a date week?