If love is worship, then Rajnikanth is surely the God of his audience. If love is a story, then Rajinikanth and Latha’s saga sings to be remembered for ages. What defines the epitome of stardom? Expensive wheels, big mansions, personal air fleet or a never-ending trail of an infinite number of followers? To many, these are the exact parameters that can measure popularity. But, there is one whose pillars of success know no bounds. Whose name itself imprints the lives of many. His film promotions literally hail the clouds when a popular air carrier decided to enwrap its fleet in the film’s posters. Whose cut-outs can receive love in the form of a godly milk bath other than the Thalaivaa himself? While you may know him as a celestial superstar Rajinikanth, Shivaji Rao Gaekwad’s eternal companionship with Latha Rangachari is even more deific.

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