The Millennials Guide To Drape A Saree


Saree is an Indian traditional wear that is worn all over the country, with its different styles and attributes people wear it at the comfort of their home as well as at the luxury of attending any events. No matter how old it gets but it never goes out of style. During all these years the draping style has changed enormously but no one ever takes it out of their wardrobe, whether wearing their grandma saree or their mother’s every saree has its unique way to tell the story. If you love saree then try these draping styles and let people praise you for your style statement.

1) Pant Style

Kalki fashion

Pant style saree is best suited for those who love their look to be traditional yet modern. You could wear it above jeans or pants whichever makes you comfortable.

2) Tunic/Kurta Saree

Gia Designer

Perfect combination for wedding functions, this kurta/tunic style has its own perks to make people fall in love with this different-styled look.

3) Cape Saree


Lately, cape saree has made major wardrobe changes of celebs with their opting over cape sarees, we are also loving this style too.

4) The Butterfly Style


With its chic look, this butterfly draped style instantly makes you look sexy and alluring.

5) Saree With Crop Top


Saree paired with a crop top is the perfect combination to rock any party, with its elegant appearance it ultimately will make you gorgeous in no time.

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