The New Luxury Sustainable Bag: ARANYANI


While everyone is talking about luxury and sustainability, we have some new inspirations pouring in.  Mr. Haresh Mirpuri, CEO, Aranyani, believes that the true purpose of design is the creation of harmony for the well being of its users.

Aranyani- the luxury sustainable fashion bag is inspired by nature to empower humankind. The artisanal and distinctive pieces infuse the harmonious creation between artistry and timeless craftsmanship. The gold logo represents luxury, and the five lines are meant to be air, water, earth, fire and energy. They offer a wide range of bags to chose from. The One Of A Kind series which is an epitome of Haute Couture and a perfect example of the symbiotic relationship includes some of the Kama and The Influencial collection, already seen in New York fashion week, is fit for your everyday needs. Some limited edition bags which are your grab, The Pioneer, The Sophiticate, The Influential just are a few pieces to be in your wardrobe. They also have some classic colours for women who like it basic like black, maroon and gold. These bags are quite a statement to your attire and range from sling bags to totes to other backpacks.

Wearing the Aranyani bag is nothing short than wearing a story. All the bags are inspired from nature, hand painted in different abstract forms in different leathers like Galassia Nera leather, Muschino Marrone leather, Aqua Blue leather are just a few to bring in notice. Each bag represents the harmony between the artist and the artisan and nature of course. You can buy these bags either online or choose from wide variety in stores In New York (USA), Bali (Indonesia) and Bangalore (India). To know more about their story visit

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