The old school way: a few vintage decor notions for you!


Thinking of redecorating your living space, but low on budget? Well, then you can make use of your old stuff and turn them into new yet old vintage showpieces. It sure is a tricky job, but it’s fun! We have a few interior tips for you to turn your house into a vintage hut by using a few in-house elements. So, just quickly have a look at these suggestions and pat our backs on giving you such brilliant ideas. 

Old school Antiquity 

Well, guys if you’re planning on redecorating your home space and thinking of a theme then I would just say that “go vintage”!! But creating a vintage aura is not just as easy as it may sound. The first and foremost tip or idea that you must follow is to have a hawked eye for antique pieces to redesign your living space. Make sure to save up on your antique buys from the past, so as to mix and match them with your vintage buys and make your home like the nineties and era when someone steps a foot in.

Books as wall decor 

Yea, it might sound weird at firsts, but just think about it, that instead of giving away your books or throwing them into waste why not make better use of those books? Stack the books that you’ve read before and are of no use to you at present, and use the vintage-looking written pages or even the hardcovers of the books as customized wallpapers. Sounds cool, huh? Well, it just does not sound cool, in fact, it is going to look great, trust me!! Just imagine this supremely vintage yet vague idea in your head, and while you do that we’ll give you more tips to follow below…

Chipped doors and Windowpanes 

We know that you must be thinking that chipped doors and windows will probably make the house look old and dusty, but that is the entire point, right? Make sure to transform your usual doors into headboards, as that might help you in giving you the old worn-out kind of doors. Paint your doors exactly the same colors as your furniture and make sure to give your guests the kind of vibe that you just went back in the nineties era to borrow their doors. 

Trunks and radio set maybe?!

Well, speaking of vintage home decor, what are the tiny elements that pop into your head? I’m sure that the ancient radio sets and those cool trunks sure wander in your head, are we right or are we right? Speaking Turning your living space into a vintage one, you should probably look for some old suitcases or trunks to turn them into tables or storage boxes. Moreover, try and find out an old radio set from your grandparent’s place or probably buy it from a vintage store and place it as a showpiece. And don’t forget a vintage chandelier. 

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