Ever since the date of our wedding was announced, it was as if my whole life had begun revolving around making it perfect. Marrying my best friend multiplied my responsibilities manifold. My mind would always stay arrested by the solar plexus of wishes and fantasies. I would go through and review the beautiful lights, decor, my bridal look, my partner’s clothes day in and day out. I was so sure about choosing the best people for the wedding arrangements that I knew nothing could go wrong. But then, there is God, and somehow, my equation with him has never been a smooth sailing one.


Having chosen the best photographer in town, I knew I would walk with my head held high when my wedding images would arrive. I now know for a fact, God must have smirked at this thought of mine. Being an expert in hosting parties and events in my family, I jumped onto the decision of having one photographer for both the sides (mine and his). Several cinematographers, videographers and photographers were hired. The chief photographer had met us a few hundred times to discuss and revise the plan. This, obviously had won me over.


The day arrived, and yes it was filled with moments worth infinite captures. My mother had held me in her arms with pride glistening in her eyes, my father’s hand holding mine while walking down the aisle, and the warm shadow of affection my brothers had showered on me. Each moment still holds fresh.


While I was missing home a few days later, I rejoiced at the news of receiving my wedding pictures. I could once again live every moment. Tears came rolling as I saw them. Rapidly, I drum scrolled to find the flashback, amidst all the thumbnails. Baffled, my husband took over the laptop to understand what had happened. He was aghast to see the ruins. Each image had an inevitable flaw. Either people were looking London talking Tokyo or, the photographer had gone eating at the significant moments. We had no candid couple shots. I was screaming in horror having lost the chance of similar shots, had we hired two different photographers. I had to pay the price of my over-intelligence. A price, greater than regrets. No arguments helped. We conceded that we could never rewind in time. We decided to forfeit the remaining instalment with us.

Sephi Bergerson

I still miss looking at my wedding photographs. A wedding is, after all, one of your life’s most cherished memory. I have, however, learnt to live with the fact that not everything can be jigsaw-perfect. Now, I and my husband can’t wait to relive and get clicked on our 5th wedding anniversary, at the same venue boasting the same attire.

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