The right nail colour to go with every engagement ring shape


The right nail art to go with every engagement ring look. 

Similar to wedding dressed and make up , the nail colour is a vital part of your wedding day and your engagement movement. Because, the attention not just stops on your face or look but rather on your engagement ring in your finger. So it does help to select the right nail color for your big day. It’s always best to consider you outfit and also that the colour should reflect you as a person which can include your  your style, the wedding theme, the location and, of course the engagement ring on your finger.

Hence the nail colour usually depends on the color of the band whivh can range from everything under rose gold, platinum, or white gold and of course also consider the colour of the stone which could be multi coloured.or a single diamond

Her we have listed the nail colour you can opt for as owe the shape of your engagement ring 

Square shaped ring 

For any wide ring it’s best to not take away the light from the ring itself. Sheer petal pink or peach coloured nails are the best way to go when you have a grand elaborate ring. It’s advice to best stay away from any nail art cause it come off looking cheap and affects the cut of the diamond or gem on the ring.

Colour choices : petal pink or peach 

Round shaped ring 

For a classic engagement shape like round its best to go the classic route with the nail colour as well. Try colours that are warm, rosy or mauve. Adding a touch of pearlescent will add an extra effect to your wedding ring and give it the extra dimension it requires 

Colour suggestion: mauve or pearlescent rosel

Pear shaped ring

Pear shaped rings usually temd to stand out a lot more therefore its best to pick a completely subtle colour. Nearly there pink and soft pastels are a perfect choice for the pear shape. Also its recommended that you get your nail shaped set according to the shape of your ring. 

Colour suggestion: subtle grey or pastel light pink.

Oval shaped ring 

To compliment the shape of your ring get your nails shaped in an oval shape which will help elongate your finger. With oval shaped rings the cut appears longer than it actually is , so experimenting is ok but subtly.try milky colours , trendy nude shades with a grey or light pink undertone. 

Colour suggestion: light muted purple, blight blue or even pink shades .

Cushion shaped ring 

This classic wedding band shape is perfect for those old school brides who want the ring to stand out. Go for a complete cuticle treatment before the wedding or photoshoot day 

Colour suggestion :neutral nude or soft pale pink.