The Spectacular Haldi Decoration Ideas To Consider For Intimate Weddings


Weddings are around the corner and Folks couldn’t be more happy. In India, weddings are celebrated no less than a festival and there are so many amazing, fun ceremonies in the weddings including Haldi.

While each function has its own story, the Haldi function is by far the most enjoyable and entertaining! It’s a one-of-a-kind event in and of itself, with all the vivid colours, a fragrance of turmeric in the air, and beautiful decorations all around. The ceremony takes place a few days before the wedding to wish the bride and groom a good married life from all of their loved ones. But ever since the pandemic happened, intimate weddings are trending like never before. Folks want only dear and close ones around in the weddings. Make your Haldi celebrations stand out with some spectacular haldi ceremony decoration ideas that are timeless.

Let’s get started and glance at some pretty and aesthetic background Haldi ceremony decoration ideas that your wedding decorators will be happy to create for a stunning celebration..

Elegant flower wall decoration:

Since Haldi is a ceremony of vivid colours and fragrances, a flower wall will be a great decor idea. Marigolds and Indian weddings are inextricably linked. The varied colourful colours of marigold, whether bright orange, yellow, or rust, may instantly create cheerful sentiments for any party. The beautiful marigold floral décor canopy can be used as a background for a Haldi ceremony. To create a magical feel for your background Haldi ceremony decoration, go all yellow with stunning marigold floral installations and handing strings.

The strings of marigold and mango leaves, known as ‘Genda Torans’ in the area, are said to provide an auspicious touch to any event. While marigold’s bright yellow has a timeless charm, using them in the background of a Haldi ceremony can not only save money but also be done by any wedding decorator. At your Haldi ceremony, you might have a photo wall with the same theme constructed.

Wear a contrasting colourful lehenga against this stunning backdrop to be the centre of attention at your event.

Take spectacular images of you and your beau against a beautiful backdrop to treasure for a lifetime.

DIY Decoration ideas which are also budget friendly

 Living through the pandemic has taught us all the value of recognising and appreciating minor joys in life. The trend of intimate weddings was started, and it has now become the new normal for people all throughout the country. Organizing all of your wedding festivities at home may be a joyful and exciting experience. Create a stunning background Haldi ceremony décor at home with budget-friendly DIY decor ideas.

Clear the backyard or living room in your home to hang colourful dupattas and sarees in yellow and red colors with flower strings and fairy lights, and you’ll have a lovely simple haldi décor in no time. Phulkari dupatta and parandhi for the backdrop décor for your wedding will not only look beautiful, but it will also alter your setting in the most elegant way possible.

You can use cushions of different designs for the sitting area. Utilize the home decors like the night catcher, indoor flowers, rugs and decorate them according to your choice. This minimal decor would be so eye-catching and adorable.

 Creative decoration with Rajasthani umbrella and Chandelier

 Rajasthani umbrellas – an Indian twist on traditional umbrellas, these embroidered and colourful cotton umbrellas serve a purpose other than simply protecting you from the sun. In honour of the wedding season, we’ve compiled a list of small and large ways to incorporate this little traditional piece into your special day.

Create a beautiful background haldi ceremony decoration at home to add a touch of grandeur to your modest weddings. Colorful drapes, tassel strings, and Rajasthani umbrellas are all sure-fire methods to make your celebrations more vibrant and charming.

There are so many benefits of this decoration, like

If you are celebrating outdoors, an umbrella decoration will save the bride, groom, and the folks from the sun.

The Rajasthani design on the umbrella gives a royal look to the decor and makes it look quite elegant and classy.

Pleasuring to glance at, this canopy is the path to go!

Unique Teepee Tent Decor Ideas

Teepees or tents provide an elegant setting for an outdoor haldi ceremony. Most couples have chosen them for their pre-wedding events because of their amazing yet trendy appearance.

These tent style teepees, made of huge bamboo or wooden poles and adorned with drapes, florals, and other unique elements, are ideal for adding a boho aura or fun-filled chiller vibe to your outdoor haldi ceremonies.

Decorate the tent with flower garlands, lights, and colorful and elegant cushions.

They also look vibrant with drapes and florals and can be customised to any level, making them a favorite and popular.