Though years have long-gone, the tradition has dwindled, yet the glamour and fashion industry in Asian couture still clasps insights from past genres to curate the matchless. The influence of Greek Mythology in Indian Couture is all about a fusion of influence from cosmology, zodiac, nature and aesthetics of Greek tradition portrayed in their collections. The ensemble spills magic because it includes palette of colours reminiscent to nature and designs inspired from the heroines of Greek legends and their folklore. Many designers’ work of genius is living proof of the art, craft and design inspired by Greek belief. The ‘ancient Greek look’ is timeless as it combines beauty, simplicity and elegance. It is exquisite, majestic and eternal. Peppered with dramatic Greek grandeur, the enchanting vision of the designer along with customised fixes reveals the secret fashion of this iconic trend. Ace Designer Suneet Varma says, ‘“Our designs in ‘The Golden Bracelet’ are recreated in the splendour of Roman empire, which had themes of romance, longing and wedding. We recreate the splendour of the Greek era by capturing a symbol of sophistication, affluence and the eternal decadence of the ancient Rome in our work.”

Further, Suneet Varma shares, “My world is about creating a dream; it is a chaotic place that I live in, day in and day out, as I work on the collection. From the inspiration, to the sets, accessories and the music of the show, it builds up like an enormous surge, and I treat it like a vast ocean of endless possibilities. And in the midst of all this chaos is the woman who is the true source of my inspiration and the collection is always her story.”

Amalgamation of war, peace and fervent romance; it’s about recreating history and romance, designs that depict colours of longing love and shades of passion and victory. It has emperor opulence in the attires. Inspired by Mother Nature, the Greek mythology is depicted through floral motifs in dresses. Fabrics used in this collection are satin, shimmer acetate tulle, silk georgette, faux fur and neoprene. Let’s plunge into the splendid eon of Grecian work of art.

Sweeping Gowns

Zuhair Murad
Gaurav Gupta 2 copy
Gaurav Gupta

Many world-famous fashion designers incorporate ancient Greek elements in their collections while the greatest actresses have chosen Grecian-inspired gowns and dresses for red carpet events, galas, and award ceremonies. These types of dresses have the essence of a mythological queen with her new love for military symbolism to showcase a fashion hybrid that is as modern as it is age-old. Gaurav Gupta further shares, “The intricate detailing into embroideries of the gown has an aura of antique richness of this mythology which is futuristic.”

Exquisite Dresses

1899742_10151919028870936_562914899_o copy
Suneet Varma
Eafecabce Greek Style Wedding Dresses copy
Sherry London

Relating to Grecian mythology, these dresses are inspired by Nyx, the Greek goddess of night. It is the perfect 24/7 dress designed softly with tailored crepe style for a playful take. Further, tie belts on them create a feminine silhouette.  Some dresses are bejeweled with Roman coins depicting Grecian fine taste. Inspired from the vintage methodical realm this is a perfect wardrobe and it is a thumbs up for a fashionista.

Draping and Wrapping

Tarun Tehliani copy
Tarun Tahiliani

This design is made by keeping in mind an understated view of elegance and seduction. Slinky satins, luxe chiffons, regal silks and flattering jerseys are tailored to create wrapped dresses, shirts, skirts, shorts, trousers and figure-hugging maxis. Renowned fashion designer Sumona Parekh shares, “The hallmark of ancient Greek fashion was elaborate draping, and images of Greek styles abound in statuary and images painted on pottery. As the ‘Berg Encyclopedia of World Dress and Fashion’ notes, revolutionary Parisian fashion designers pioneered contemporary style with neoclassical creations, some of which were even given Greek names.” Designers continue to draw inspiration from ancient Greek clothing even today, most notably in the popular style known as the ‘Goddess gown’. Grecian clothes were little more than artfully arranged pieces of cloth, pinned and tucked into position. Their elegance is derived from the careful arrangement of folds and complex arrangements of girdles, strapping or belts. Simple borders fall into interesting patterns when arranged as a long robe.

Suneet Verma copy
Suneet Varma
Tarun Tahiliani

Crafted with observance of the new age multitasking woman in mind, this inspiration is a perfect hit in every wardrobe. Gaurav Gupta adds, “Greek mythology for me is not a trend. It’s a part of my vast inspirations from all kinds of mythologies, cultures and sub-cultures. Our garments have so much detailing in themselves that it’s best to wear them with least make-up and have simpler, sharper hairstyles. It is more important to carry the attire with a lot of confidence and feel romantic.” So, swathe in the fluidity, beauty and rigour of Greek allegory on your D-day and sash down the aisle with magnificent panache. Exhibit the glamour and grace with this elegant inspiration depicting your fine taste.