The Tale of Two Rings!


For the world, it is just another day and just another wedding. But for you both, this is YOUR wedding. And it must not be any less than THE wedding. Most importantly, it is a bond that is sacred and binds you both for eternity. The symbol of your unity is your wedding ring, and it has to be special in its own way. Gone are the days of bold and flashy gold rings with numerous diamonds that one is too scared to wear in public. Let us look at our top picks for minimalistic and elegant wedding rings for the couples –

  1. Engraved Rings
Wedding date engraved rings.

One of the greatest ways to make something special is to add a personal element to it. Similarly, an ordinary ring will turn into an extraordinary one if you add your touch to it. In the engraved wedding rings, something related to the matrimony is conceptually engraved on the rings as this is meant to stay forever. This could be the date of your wedding, the initials of your partner, or even a thumb impression of one another. Couples find this top to be the warmest as it adds a sense of solidarity to it.

  1. Platinum Bands
Elegant as it is – platinum bands.

Platinum bands have been in fashion for a very long time, and they are here to stay. Minimal to the heart, platinum rings are similar to sterling silver but more reliable, sophisticated, and elite. If you and your significant other are sweet lovers who do not like to make flashy statements, this is going to be the right pick for you. Although platinum works best if you both have the exact same ring, however, you can add intricate details of your choice.

  1. Solitaires
Top pick for celebrities too – solitaires.

Couples, if you want to go for something beautiful and never goes out of fashion, just buy a solitaire for one another without even giving it a thought. Solitaires are probably the most common yet so classic wedding ring design that even celebrities across the world pick this style to lock their love. Unlike other regular rings, solitaires have just one piece of diamond on top of it, just like you have that one perfect person to marry.

  1. Rose Gold Rings
Different than usual – rose gold bands.

Time to move on to a different track. Well, some people are not a fan of what’s trending on the gram. They wish to do it differently. And if you and your boo are some people, stop right here! Ditch the conventional gold rings, and platinum bands, instead go for the hue of love – rose gold. Since this one is not on the charts right now, you are free to experiment with your choices and wants. You could combine platinum and rose gold too, that would be oof!

  1. Puzzle Piece Rings
Notice how both of these rings complete each other.

This is the last, and one of the most notable picks. Puzzle pieces or coordinated one may say, when two rings when combined together, give a message, or complete each other when placed beside. Otherwise, they may seem broken, or lacking something. Isn’t that how relationships are? Partners stay beside each other while providing the support the other needs, and the love, while together, they are one unit. Opt for this one, when you wish to turn your wedding bands into a work of art.

So, which one are you choosing to seal the deal?