The Unexpected Bridal Trousseau!


When does a woman not want to get married? Well, it is joked about but yes, most of them are more intimidated by their could-be wedding couture, than their husbands! But how do you distinguish your special wardrobe from other brides? How do you stand out and still manage to swoon all hearts? Relax. Here are some slow-rising trends in the bridal world that you quickly need to pick and adorn to complement that silhouette!

  1. Trails
The magical trail.

It is your day and you can be as dramatic as you want. If you’re looking for some royal wedding inspiration, this is it. Opt for outfits with long trails sweeping off the floor. You could do this with your lehengas, suits, and dupattas. Trails add the perfect amount of elegance to your bridal wear no matter what the length of your trail is. Actor Priyanka Chopra Jonas also chose a 75-foot trail for her angelic white wedding veil along with an equally beautiful gown.

  1. Can-can
Love the volume can-can adds.

Add an extra volume to your existing lehengas by incorporating can-can in your trousseau. Can-can is a material made out of the stiff net, which when added beneath your outfit of georgette, silk, or brocade. The purpose of adding a can-can is to shape your outfit while adding the perfect amount of volume to it, resulting in the most effortless princess look.

  1. Cape Dupattas
Try out these cape dupattas for the X factor.

This is a new trend that has been catching several eyes on the gram. For this one, you can either go for a pre-stitched cape that usually is paired with a floor-length gown, suitable for evening events like the reception. Another way to rock the cape look is to pick an extra dupatta to go with your ensemble and pin it in a way that it looks like a cape. This style has been growing recently where brides have been donning double dupattas for double grace.

  1. Puffed Sleeves
Statement sleeves.

Are we talking drama and not puffed sleeves? You got to be kidding. Sleeves play an important role in shaping and bringing together your entire bridal outfit. Play with your upper limbs by experimenting with the shapes and sizes of your sleeves, and see how this creates magic at another level. You could choose between angel sleeves, kimono sleeves, bell sleeves, and layered sleeves. Pro tip – Extravagant sleeves work best with lehengas, as it helps in balancing the proportions.

  1. Prints
Katrina Kaif flaunting a pretty print lehenga.

Talk about celebrations, and prints are always. Whether it is the soft motifs or the life-size patterns, prints have been a significant part of the industry. Do not worry, they are not going to dull your impressions over the crowd, as several designers like Sabyasachi are including the most beautifully crafted print lehengas, shararas, sarees, and suit sets to make you rule your nuptial ceremonies. Have a look above at Katrina Kaif’s one-of-a-kind printed lehenga look suitable for an event like your mehndi or cocktail.

  1. Technicolor
What an aura a technicolor lehenga creates!

The latest addition to the bridal world is the aura of technicolor attires. These are made out of metallic fabrics and tones to add the element of galaxy power to your dream day. They also look pretty retro given the utmost disco light shimmer emitting through each inch. If you are confused as to what to choose for your reception night, these will blend in the most decorous manner.