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Thematic Weddings - Wedding Affair

A wedding may be a once-in-a-lifetime kind of affair but every person, especially every girl dreams about her wedding day, jotting down minute details that must be a part of the special occasion. And rightfully so! To set the tone of the wedding of their dreams and garner a harbouring relationship in the meantime is something every bride and groom aspires for. Introspect with your inner child and find that creative expression with which you’d like to celebrate your wedding.

There is a vast array of themes available for you to set the tonality of your wedding. Hosting a thematic wedding not only sets your wedding apart from the same old mundane manner of hosting weddings, but it also entails a plethora of experiences to remember and cherish throughout your lifetime. After all a wedding is one of the most significant parts of your life, so you should get to choose every nitty gritty that makes your wedding day the perfect one for you.

In order to help you choose the theme for the wedding of your dreams, we have curated a list of a few of the trending themes in the recent past.

Lakhnavi Theme

Lakhnavi Wedding ThemeIf you would like to describe a Lakhnavi wedding in not more than one sentence, then you can easily describe it as an event that embodies love, laughter, and happiness. This wedding theme would be perfect for you if you fancy celebrating your big day in nawabi style. The fascinating thing about a Lakhnavi wedding is that it can be themed in any way of your choosing or can be paired with other themes as well with a wide variety of options available open for you. For hosting a typically traditional Lakhnavi wedding, go ahead and book a grandiose resort or a majestic palace, emanating that royal allure throughout. When opting for a Lakhnavi-themed wedding, it is only justified to make a dramatic entrance, especially on your big day. Elements like live Shehnai and Nagada performances can grace the events to complement the ambience of the whole theme. Furthermore, although it’s a given, still, you can go with the theme of rocking royal couture for your wedding outfits. Likewise, the menu served during the functions of the wedding can also showcase delicacies from famous  Lakhnavi cuisines.

Beach Theme Wedding

Beach Theme WeddingDo you consider yourself a beach kind of person? Does the sound of waves splashing against each other sound like an extremely calming experience to you? We think the same as you. Now imagine experiencing the biggest day of your life on the shore, with your betrothed and your loved ones. We could all agree that a beachside wedding would be the most dreamy wedding theme. With a beach-themed wedding, comes a lot of things to ponder over. The first and foremost thing to consider would be the type of beach you would like to host your wedding. There are two options of beaches for you to choose from, secluded private beaches, or public beaches. For a more secluded beach wedding, a coastal theme would fit the best, whereas, for a public beach, a part-enthusiastic theme would be a great fit. The beauty of hosting a wedding by the beach is that you can make it both a casual or a formal affair. In the case of a casual beach wedding, a much more laid-back approach to the casual theme would be the best fit. The most beatific way to encapsulate those beachside memories is by doing the pheras by the beach during the sunset. It’s a surreal experience, to say the least.

Bohemian Wedding Theme

Bohemian Wedding ThemeA bohemian themed wedding is an increasingly popular and unique way to celebrate your wedding festivities. Thanks to the elements like the arts and nature, the bohemian wedding theme gives plenty opportunities unleash your creativity and give your wedding a character and a personality. The best part is that the bohemian fashion is free from the boundations of any sets of rules or regulations. Whether to go the ultramodern route or go the minimalistic way, it all depends of the flow of your mood.

Fairytale Wedding Theme

Fairytale Wedding ThemeWhat better way to live your childhood dreams than hosting a fairytale themed wedding? It is one of the most popular wedding theme ideas to host the wedding of your inner child’s dreams. To execute this thematic wedding, you can take multiple approaches. For instance, if a specific fairytale has been close to your heart, then by all means, you can transform your wedding into the living embodiment of that fantasy fairytale. Elements such as decor, attire, food menus, to even a custom-made wedding cake, can be created with your own sense of style culminating both fairytales with the ethnic aesthetic. You can hire a wedding planning company to bring your dreams to life by curating that fantasy-esque ambience.

With these alluring themes ruling the thematic trends of weddings these days, which would would you like to live up to for your wedding?