There is No Season to Not Braid Your Hair!


Braids are only for little girls. Incorrect! There is no age to braid. While most people like to put their hair down or into a bun, the real OG’s turn them into classy braids. Also known as pigtails, they hit harder when anybody other than a female, too, sports a quirky braid with their outfit. With time, braids have evolved too, and there are quite a few styles we would like to discuss with you. Let’s get started –

  1. Baby Braids

We had to start with this. Arriving from the Y2K trends, baby braids are amongst the top hairstyles today that are even spotted by celebrities. When you braid only the hair that is in front of your head, basically your hairline hair, is what is called a baby braid. This name came into the picture because loosely translated, you are braiding your baby hair only. Giving us major summer picnic vibes, baby braids best go with casual and chic clothing.

Model Gigi Hadid sporting the baby braids.

All you need to do is to separate your hair into halves and then comb out your baby hair. Make a simple pigtail out of these hair on both the sides and secure them with cute rubber bands.

  1. Box Braids

Originally belonging to the black beauties of Africa, box braids are a super chic and edgy way to flaunt those long locks. This trend soon grew out of Africa and everybody across the globe, even the men started sporting these ones very soon. However, this braid is complicated to attempt, keep a helping hand beside you.

Trending box braids.

You need to divide all of your hair into tiny sections and need to braid all of them separately until all your hair is a bunch of braids. This is comparatively the easiest way to tie them up, as there are many other variations too, which will require an expert’s hands.

  1. Twin Tails

Twin pigtails change into twin tails in a matter of seconds. Sure, you must have heard about the French braids where you perform a three-layer braid while adding small sections of the remaining hair. And we are assuming you might have tried it too. Well, that is only what you need to do, twice!

Twin tails,

Equally, divide the whole of your hair and secure one section with a tie. Carefully start braiding the other section right from your hairline, and turn it into a French braid. Repeat with the other section, and you’re done.

  1. Reversed French Braid

Okay, we have another twist to the basic French pigtail. What if instead of beginning from the top, you began from the bottom? That is what a reversed French braid is. A suitable look for the workplace and official events reversed French looks elegant and subtle at the same time. This used to be a trend in the early 90s where hairdos were all about volume, and a benefit of trying this one out is that it adds a lot of volume to your hair as it done in a reverse manner.

A cute reversed French braid.

Put your head down so that your hair falls over your head. Take a small section from the area near your nape and slowly start braiding your hair. You know what you need to do now – turn it into French. Well, now comes the tricky part. How do you end the pigtail? You can either turn it into a bun when you reach your crown area or into a ponytail. To add the X factor, you can finish the braid to the tip of your hair, and then pin back the 2nd half of the braid to the 1st half of it.

  1. Waterfall Braid

We will rather call this one the Princess braid. Running into the streets from hundreds of hairs, waterfall braids are as effortless as they seem. Mostly seen on women on their wedding day, these ones really create the image of a waterfall on your hair. They can be sported with almost any attire at any time of the day. If you really want to look Pinterest-y cute, try these ones.

A waterfall braid.

Comb back your hair and choose one side of it, for example, the left side. Take a small section of hair from the area above your hair and turn it into a simple braid for one or two levels. Now, elevate the braid to a 90-degree angle so that it is now perpendicular to your length. Take a small section from the hair above and merge it into the tail. This is basically a half-French braid as you will require hair only from one section. Continue to braid it this way until it ends and secure it with a bobby pin.

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