There’s absolutely no reason to keep sex at bay

Image Credits: Getty Images
Image Credits: Getty Images

Having sex or not is entirely ones choice till the time you’re single and unhitched. Things are going to slip out of your control once you enter the colossal cycle of hook-ups, marriages and everything in between. To maintain a healthy and on-going relationship, it is very important to indulge in some hearty sex.

However, there’ll be times when you’ll be in no mood to play around and be messy, for absolutely no reason at all, while your partner would be almost dying to pander in sex. Do not try to make these erratic excuses to avoid sex and disenchant your partner:

I’m on my Period

Little do you know that men like sex when it’s messy; and having sex while your vajayjay is weeping blood could actually help you ease abdominal pain and allay cramps. Not the best excuse if you know you can do it under the shower and it won’t be messy too. Period.

 Not in a mood

The vaguest excuse one can ever make. What better than sex can get you in a good mood? Dim the lights, get in the sheets and let your already on fire partner pacify your mood. Just go with their energies, you’ll find yourself in sync.

I’ve got a bad headache

Good sex is a free medicine for a bad headache. Dump that painkiller in trash and let your partner’s tingling touch help you get rid of that headache. Neurologists claim sexual indulgence to have more or equal affect akin an aspirin. We suggest you go the natural way.

Pretty stressed out honey. Not today!

There’s nothing worse than going to bed with a head full of negative and uneasy thoughts. Let sex be the quick-fix of this problem. Euphorically pleasurable sex can make your forget even the smallest residual of stress within you. The more the sex, the less the stress!

Darn Sleepy!

Are you aware of the fact the orgasms make you sleep better? Intense sex leading to multiple orgasms will release endorphins and dopamine that help you have a sound sleep making you feel much relaxed. Let your sleep be all the more tranquilized after a good sex session.

Had a fight last night?

When the night’s gone, the fight should be gone too. Trust us when we say make-up sex is even better. Let this sex be utterly spanking and be a way to express your inclination towards your partner, despite all the fuss. And as they say, keep the fights clean and the sex dirty.