These Couple Activities are sure to rekindle your Love


The matter of fact is relationships tend to lose spark and tone down to some extent after a certain span of time, which is completely legitimate and one should not over think about it. Instead of feeling disheartened and helpless, salt away the flavorlessness by planning some fun activities with your partner. Can’t think of any? We think we might be able to help you. Keep reading!

Go Hiking


Adventure sports are sure to excite every bit of you and sharing this excitement with your partner will leave you both in awe. Amidst the lush of greens and amber, walking down the pathway alongside the person you adore will be one of the best experiences you will ever abide. Plan a weekend getaway to go hiking with your main, for being able to explore your partner to bits. The hiking set-up is all the more serene, placid and tranquil, helping you breathe in contentment, therefore reforming love and tenderness.

Unplug and Camp

CampingGet rid of all your gadgetary distractions and drive away from your comfort zone in the woods if you wish to explore your partner inside-out. This will be a fair break to see your partner handle worst of the situations and hence lead to better alliance between you two. Far afield from the hustle and bustle of the city, somewhere up in the mountains; set a camp, lit a small bonfire, prepare some coffee or tea low keying all your stress, and just spend quality time with your special one. Furthermore, there shall be no harm in pounding in the bushes under the stars; because under the sheets is quite cliché. Get up all night to get lucky!

Exercise together

ExerciseMay it be yoga, dance classes or hitting the gym, do it with your partner. Exercising with your partner helps your both, emotional and physical bond strengthen. You’ll be able to gain a lot of confidence for each other when you start indulging in physical activities like such. Because physical activities involve a lot of touch and feel, you and your partner will eventually fathom each other’s strengths and weakness, building amore.

Get dipping in the pool

SwimmingSwimming together could possibly be a dandy way to re-connect and revamp your relationship. It helps in both physical and psychological health of the body. While physical benefits of swimming are obvious—burning calories, toning muscles, rhythmic functioning of the lungs and heart; lesser known psychological benefits are curbing tension, depression and anxiety, triggering your happy hormones to flow in. For some added excitement buy a sexy pair and swimsuit to make your partner’s jaw drop. Sometimes being an eye-candy for your partner could do wonders.

Other fun activities could involve solving a puzzle together, or playing video games—this could reveal both of yours’ competitive zeal.

Don’t wait for special occasions to expo your love. We unknowing ignore our relationships in the daily grind of life leading to a dull and lifeless relationship. Don’t wait for anyone to give you a reminder to oomph-up your relation. Just like we did!

Make each day a celebration, a celebration of togetherness.