These *small* gestures prove that she’s the one


Though love has no language, form, symbol, indications, color or so, as it’s an essence replete with emotions and sentiments. Still, every couple and pair rejoices the various gestures and sides of love with their better halves. Often it’s been observed that men faces dilemma while holding on the hand and endowing the commitment for life, as they get tumultuous pondering whether she is the only one or not! Undoubtedly, the three magical words boast a flavor of magic, though the vile gestures must be separated from the vivacious ones.

But, if you pay close attention to your lady’s gestures, you can unfold your quizness. Don’t step or back out from appraising and extolling her small gestures as it will get you closer to your answers and on the other hand, it will make her feel beatific and blissful. So, here are the seven small gestures that witness she’s your forever love. 

The Family Introduction

A girl doesn’t get everyone introduced to her family as her family is the first preference over the entire world. Even if she is getting you introduced to her family, observe the way she introduces you to her parents as it will ripen you up with an intuition whether she desires you to be her life partner or just a hangout buddy. 

The Cute Nap

If she takes a nap by snuggling up against you, it would make you feel like someone special. This might not surprise you as a man, but for a lady it’s not just an usual act like others. It is a sign which shows that she entirely relies on you.


She Misses Her Fave Shows

Anyhow, an girl doesn’t let her favorite shows goes off, but if she has been ceding her shows for your matches or hardcore TV cinetime, don’t take this gesture lightly as it shows her caring nature towards your desires and wishes.

She Cheers You Up

If she’s been constantly pulling and bracing you up in your hard times, without turning her head to self-problems, then blindfoldedly you can assure yourself that she’s the only one. Even if she understands and respects the differences in the relationship, don’t let her go away from you. 

She Respects Your Family

Intellecting your parents’ imperativeness and position in your life, if she honours and regards them with respect, then you ought not to doubt her veracity of love. This gesture of her’s will make you go woo. 


She Looks Forward To The Future

Every girl is an open book with some beautiful tales and chronicles which she discloses to the one, she looks forward to get hitched. So, if your lady has been confronting you up with her darkest and deepest fears, and opens herself up fearlessly,  believe, she won’t never let your grip slip off from her’s.    

Favourite Cuisine

Last but not the least, cuisine. If she cooks and gets your favourite dish to make your tummy happy, then don’t let the yarn of doubt weave in your heart. Even if she strives to cook, it’s a precise and clear indication that she can faithfully cover miles with you.  

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