Things Every Woman Learns From Her Permanent Roommate


They say that if you want to really know a person and understand what that person is like, you must either travel with them or live with them. When a woman gets married and starts living with her husband, she starts to understand how different a man is compared to a woman. Soon, she finds out many things about her husband and learns exactly how a man functions. Here are eight things every woman learns by living with her husband.

1. Men are lazy

It suddenly becomes clear to a wife why woman and wives in general have always been labelled as “nagging”. No wife wants to be a nagging wife or an annoying one. Let’s face it, no one does, but men compel women to be so. If the tap is leaking, he will let it leak. If he casually throws a sock on the floor when he comes back after work, he won’t bother picking it up. It can get very frustrating, but men really do need to be more mindful of how they are living their lives

2. Hygiene and personal care is not a priority for men

Call it genes, call it upbringing, call it patriarchy but men and women will always be different. Men will never take extra efforts for personal care and hygiene. They can go days without bathing and just surviving on perfumes and deodorants. If a woman has ever lived with other girls during her college days, living with a man after marriage will come as a mighty big surprise. Life with girls is so much easier.

3. Men don’t really want to always talk

Often times, men just zone out. It’s just how they are wired. While he may be thinking of something very ordinary and futile whilst sporting a serious look on his face, we start having a million thoughts about his thoughts. “Does he not find me attractive anymore?”, “Have I done something wrong?”, “Has he done something wrong?”, “Is he in love with someone else?” are questions that immediately pop into our minds. The only solution to this is to not overthink things and let him daydream about silly things to his heart’s content.

4. Men enjoy gossiping as much as women do

Have you ever seen a man’s eyes light up when you sit down with him for a long session of juicy gossip? Men won’t ever admit to it but they sure do enjoy it. You would be surprised with just how much information he’s been hoarding as well

5. Men will forget that their wives exist while watching a sport

Be it the beautiful game of football or the crowd pleasing cricket match or even the nerve-wracking sport of tennis, men will give their undivided attention to the game. The only time they will hear your voice is when they need you to fix up a quick snack and a drink for them

6. Men try very, very hard

All men by nature aren’t as romantic as women are and don’t know how to be particularly expressive about their feelings towards their wives. His sheer love and dedication for his wife will manifest in other ways. For example, he will watch hundreds of YouTube tutorials beforehand for the recipe of a simple omelette. He will take you shopping and patiently wait and he will carefully tuck you into bed because he cares and can’t show you just how much he loves you

7. Men are forgiving

Everyone makes mistakes, whether they are harmless ones or colossal ones. A wife realises that while some mistakes will never be forgiven, her husband will embrace and accept her mistakes and flaws with arms wide open. Their hearts are bigger than they ever let on

8. She gets a partner for life

And by “partner”, she knows that it doesn’t just mean the paper definition of a partner or a spouse. She knows she’s found her best friend forever, her prince charming, her knight in shining armour, her partner in crime and everything in life, her forever person.

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