Things No One Tells You About Your Wedding Night


As much as you may hope for a sexy, fun-filled night with your brand new husband after a day of celebrations and fun, that’s not always what usually happens on the wedding night. Here are some things that may happen instead.

1. People may want to see your room


The way a newly married couple’s room is decorated is pretty spectacular, and you’d be surprised by how many people would want to see it all its glory. People may want to sit there, talk to you and forget the fact that it is actually your wedding night. They’ll only realise it when they’ll see how much sleep deprived you must be looking.

2. You may be very hungry


Surely true, wedding is all about clicking photos, dancing at party songs and eating a lot of amazing food. But it is also a fact that the couple hardly gets time to eat their share. Even if they do, the sheer excitement of getting married takes away their hunger — they realise their growling stomach voices only when it’s too late to get hands on any food.

3. Your hair may take hours to take out


Most brides opt for a bun with some hair accessories to keep their hairstyle intact on their wedding day. Wise option actually — while you may be celebrating one of the most important days of your life, the last thing that you’d want to worry about will be your hairstyle. But at the end of the wedding when night when you decide on getting rid of the thousand pins that your MUA would have put in your hair, it might actually turn out to be a task. It may not deconstruct gently at all — you might need some help too.

4. Your lingerie may not be sexy


This largely depends on your dress and you will already be aware of how sexy (or unsexy) your undergarments are for the day. But wedding night calls for a sexier piece of lingerie. You will most likely have a contingency plan in place for some nice bridal lingerie to get into after the dress (eventually) comes off. But yes, when choosing your dress and lingerie, make sure you can, in fact, wear the lingerie underneath said dress. There’s nothing sexier than he getting to see your sultry lacy bralette as he gets to undress you.

5. You may not have sex


Yes, as odd as it may sound but there is a high chance that you may not get to have sex on your wedding night. As both of you will be so tired, most probably sleep deprived and hungry too, you may rather end up sleeping. This may sound not-so-sexy to you right now, but it is totally normal.

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