Things “not” to say- girlfriend edition 


Boys always struggle about the fact that what to say and what not to say in front of their girl, because c’mon we’ve all heard about the famous “women are complicated” statement. Let’s just say that we’re here to offer you some assistance with the same. You sure can’t figure out what to say in front of your female partners, but you can always make sure of what “NOT” to say, right? So, mentioned below are a few things that you should probably never say to your girlfriend.

When dating her, never say that…

…You’re too emotional


This may be true, like a hundred percent true, but still, you are just not allowed to say this out loud. Women are naturally extra sensitive and emotional about some aspects, but that does not mean that they’re weak. And you stating the fact that ‘you’re emotional’ would make them feel mocked and furious. You better not infuse this in any of your arguments that ‘she’s overreacting’ or that ‘she’s being too sensitive because, oh boy that would escalate the argument even more. Try and be considerate enough to understand her reaction and let the heat calm down before you say ruin the situation even further.

…Is it that time of the month?!

Well, this one’s a bummer for every woman out there, because if your girl is a little extra moody, sensitive, or on edge today you still should never, NEVER ask her if it’s that time of the month. Because this might infuriate her even further. As it is she might be feeling all low and in pain, and if you ask this question it seems like you’re trying to label her emotions and judging her for being too edgy while she’s menstruating. So, boys instead of angering it even more you should probably think of ways to calm her down and subside her pain.

…Ask her where she is at all times


Wow, this one’s definitely a big one! Listen up boys, if you’re thinking of maintaining this relationship with your girl in a long run well, then you better not ask her where she is at all times. Bugging her at all times will make her feel trapped, and trust me she will accept anything, but once her freedom starts getting tampered she might not be able to survive in this relationship.

…There’s too much makeup on you

No, a big-time no, you guys should not even think of telling your girls that she has too much makeup on her face. Women love to style their perfect fashion looks and adorn their faces with intricate makeup styles. So, makeup is a part of themselves, and if you question that then you are in great trouble.

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