Things ‘not’ to say when you’re around a Virgo 


So, what time of the month is it? It’s time for the perfectionists to rule! Yes, you guessed it right were talking about the Virgo sun sign. Since every Virgo out there is about to turn older so before deciding on a gift for them you should first know about a few things that you should avoid saying when you’re around your Virgo friends.

’You ask too many questions


Since we’re approaching the Virgo month so it would be better to know a few things that you should ‘not’ say to a Virgo. The first one would be to never tell them that they ask too many questions. Because c’mon they’re just generally excited about everything and they’re too curious to know everything that’s going around them. And telling them that they’re asking too many questions might make them feel a little nosy, which will, in turn, bring their energy levels to a low point.

‘You are disorganized’

This is actually quite funny and tricky both at the same time, and this is because Virgos are known to be perfectionists. They will probably plan out the next two weeks of their month, keep their room spic and span and they might even clean your room if they visit your house. So, calling them disorganized would be like awakening the beast, and trust you don’t want that. It’s like calling a person who’s leading a very organized and neat life, disorganized.

‘So, what? Plan it later!’

Woah, this is a bit of a stretch! You just can’t ask a Virgo to plan it later because they would probably not be able to sleep before planning everything in advance. Be it for a work-related thing or even some leisure time or fun stuff. If you think that telling them to plan their stuff later then you’re making a big mistake, because these organized freaks want everything planned and decided beforehand.



Well, let’s just put it this way that if you call your Virgo friend a liar then you’re definitely seeing them the last time today because you’re going to lose a good friend today. Virgos are always honest and loyal about their actions so it definitely pinches their ego when someone accuses them of being a liar.

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