Things that no one tells you before your wedding


You’ve spent months of planning, dreaming, nail-biting, money-paying, and now your wedding day is quickly approaching. Now you’re nervous and wondering how did time suddenly run so fast? Being a bride isn’t easy, even bridesmaids feel tense when standing next to the bride. We know your little anxious about the d day and we are here to make sure you know it’s ok to feel everything that your feeling.

You might not cry 

Not all brides tear up and cry as they leave their home and that does not make you a bad daughter or just emotionless . You might be that sappy one that cries over the end of a romantic movie or heck, especially at other people’s weddings. But it’s ok if you feel a little numb. It happens but on the other hand if you are the one to cry easily and are highly emotional make sure your makeup artist uses waterproof mascara and plenty of setting spray. And if you’re surprised by the waterfall of tears suddenly down pouring from your eyes, let it and soak in that moment. It’s your wedding day after all.

It won’t go as planned 

After so many months of praying for beautiful weather, it was pouring all night. From the moment you  booked our beach venue, you imagined dreaming of the perfect photo shoot with the perfect backdrop, but the wind is your favour. This is bound to happen and it’s nothing to happen and things might not always go as planned. It’s strongly recommended to not picture every little detail a certain way. It’s harder than it sounds because our brains so naturally picture things, but really try not to.

Your honeymoon will be the best week of your life

All that smiling, dressing and relatives are all over and it’s just you and your partner. Even if you have a small wedding or have less than a week cherish this there is so much more to go forward with when it comes to life and marriage .This is when you and your sweetie are able to get away for a few days after the wedding to kick off your marriage and still be able to look forward to a full honeymoon down the road.

Overly anxious before the wedding

you’re about to make a life-changing decision in front of all the people you love and care about the most. Just remember that your other half is waiting for you at the end of the journey and you’re going to have a huge party to celebrate. Those few hours before your actual wedding is bound to make you feel anxious and it’s completely normal. Take a deep breath and smile.

You’ll feel different.

Even if you and your other half have been cohabiting for years, once you’re legally wed, things will feel official. It might just be a slight shift or it could feel like a noticeable change, but it will definitely seem like the real deal—because it is!