Things to avoid a week before the wedding: Bridal edition


Every bride expects her wedding day to be all perfect and flawless, but this isnt a fairytale, some mistakes are bound to happen, right? A few blunders related to that of the wedding decor or other event-related stuff can still be resolved and taken care of. But what about the list of donts related to brides? We feel that there should be a perfect list to mention ‘things to avoid a week before the wedding’. Well, guess what we just cracked the list! Listed below are a few things all the brides should specifically avoid, a week before their wedding.

No new skincare products


Yes, we know that all you ladies have been quite protective of your skin weeks and months before your wedding, but you still have to be careful. The first thing to avoida week before your wedding is not to buy any new skincare product and use it extensively. It might have good results or it might react in a way you didnt expect it to, so the choice is yours. Ask yourself that is it worth taking the risk? Of course not, right? Just make sure to not experiment with new skincare products right before the wedding.

Go low on alcohol

Well, cmon ladies it’s your wedding, you will get to have tons and tons of cocktails on your D-day and even before that on your bachelorette and your cocktail party as well. Keeping all this in mind you might wanna cut short on alcohol consumption a week before the wedding in order to avoid any extra calories, a weakened digestive system, and a dull face. Its just a matter of time, try and detox for a while just so that you can avoid any blunders right before your D-day.

No up all nightscenes

no sleep

Do you really wish to look sleep-deprived at your own wedding? No right? Well, if you want your Mr. right to go all gaga over your bridal look then you should probably not pull all-nighters a week before your wedding. Try and take at least seven hours of sleep in order to look all fresh and glowing on your wedding day.

No experimentation on your hair

We know that all you ladies are really fond of experimenting with your hair, but just hold that thought! Trust me, you dont want to take any chance on your wedding day. Make sure you are not going for a bold hair color right before your wedding or even a bold haircut for that matter. You might love the end result, but there is also a chance that it might not turn out how you wanted it to. So, it’s just not worth the risk.

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