Things To Avoid In An Indian Wedding 

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Weddings are all about fun and enjoyment. Right from the pre-wedding merriment to going all crazy on the cocktail party to dancing your way to the sangeet and baraat, it is all in high spirits. But things at weddings can go wrong pretty fast; the groom’s uncle throwing a tantrum or the bride’s outfit not ready. Anything can go wrong with the blink of an eye. 

Wedding Affair lists down things that are a total ‘no-no’ in a wedding. 

1. Getting Drunk 

A cocktail party is about letting yourself loose while you celebrate the singlehood of the bride or the groom. Whether it is the bride, groom, their friends or relatives, no one should get drunk in a cocktail. Hangovers can get pretty bad and will definitely hamper with the rest of the functions. 

2. New Skincare Treatments

It is very important for the bride to avoid any new skincare treatments at the time of her wedding. There are chances that the new treatment or chemicals do not suit her and she gets rashes or spots on her skin. It is her day and she has to look the best, so it is better to stick with the tried and tested. 

3. Wasting Food

We all agree that food is an integral part of any Indian wedding. The wide variety of snacks, pasta and lip-smacking desserts, everything is quite inviting. People at weddings tend to fill up their plates with unnecessary food. Wasting food is not a good practice. Fill your plate as many times as you want but take only the quantity that you’ll be able to finish. 

4. Nosy Relatives

Weddings are an occasion where you are bound to meet your close and far relatives. Some relatives tend to become nosy as they start asking you questions about your personal lives. Try to avoid such relatives or they can kill the fun of the wedding pretty fast. 

5. Extra Loud Clothes

We understand that weddings are a grand affair and everyone loves wearing over the top outfits. But make sure that your outfits are not loud to the extent that they steal the thunder of the bride. It is her big day and she should be the centre of attention. Wear beautiful clothes but do not overpower the bride. 

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