Things to check at your final wedding fitting


The lehenga is finalized and now it’s time for the final fitting. Yes, the final bridal fitting is the last time you can make any sort of tweaks or changes to your lehenga, so it’s essential you check for these small little points. Here we have listed a fee dos and don’t which you need to keep in mind before your final bridal fitting.

Don’t wear dark lipstick for the fitting 

Dark lipstick is a huge red flag when it comes to fitting even if it’s transferproof. It’s best to stay away from dark stains before your final fitting because if it does stain  your lehenga the run to the dry cleaners would make your already hectic time worse. 

Try it on with your bridal shoes 

wear the same bridal heels so you know if the length of the lehenga is right. It should not sweep the floor too much neither should it show too much of your shoes. So make sure it’s just right!

Move around with your lehenga 

Most important thing to do before the big day is to get comfortable with your lehenga Move about in your lehenga, sit and even shake it up a little- see if it’s absolutely comfortable and manageable since the next time you’ll be wearing it will be on your wedding. 

Check all zips and stitches 

Make sure there is not a thread loose or zip broken, which can cause havoc on your wedding day. Work the zips, check the embroidery or the work on the lehenga closely- check for any overstitches or places where the work might be coming off or missing.

Check if the lehenga is pushing in 

Wedding day bloat is real, as a stressed out bride most of us may tend to forget breakfast or even panic may cause bloating so make sure your lehenga is adjustable and comfortable. 

make sure the lehenga has some allowance and is not super tight on the fitting- so that you can be comfortable even with a bloated belly.

Click Lots Of Pictures And From Every Angle.

Wherever you go for bridal dress fittings, keep in mind to click lots and lots of pictures. This might help you to decide your hairstyle and also how you want to keep your makeup. Also, you might secretly want to obsess over yourself in that pretty dress.