Things to Discuss Before Getting Married

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Things to Discuss: Have you ever wondered if there was a guide to a perfect marriage? It would’ve been far easier and better if there was one. People would’ve been happier and less conflicted in their decisions. There would have been lesser fights and more love stories.

The place where we lack as human beings, to date is effective communication. We can talk but not express ourselves. We can hear, but not listen.

So a guide like that might’ve come in handy.

At the end of the day, there is no guide in the world that can guarantee you a perfect marriage. But discussing these questions can help you build a happy one.


What Are Your Religious Beliefs?
Things to Discuss major religions group
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Let’s start with a simple one. Initially, you might think talking about religion is insignificant. But a few years down the line you see your partner wants you to visit the temple as often as he does, wear the same sacred threads, and you cannot figure out how to say no.

Discussing primary beliefs such as Gods, religion, and spirits, gives you a deep insight into your partner and helps you to be prepared for what is to come.


What Are Your Political Beliefs?
Things to discuss Political and Cultural Beliefs
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There are many couples who don’t see eye to eye when it comes to which political parties they want to support. One argument leads to another and you realize you have come a long way from where you started the fight.

You can try to avoid that chaos by being open about your political feelings- which cause you to support and why?

And in the end, you can always be civil and agree to disagree. Having a partner doesn’t mean you have a clone of yourself. But knowing his or her feelings beforehand helps you to avoid any surprises.

Do You Want Kids and How Many?
Things to discuss Kids
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Some couples might take this for granted, as most people, if not all, want to have kids in their life. But there is a chance your partner feels differently about it.

You can decide together, via communication, a resolve to this by figuring out a solution that makes both of you happy in the long run.

What Are Your Insecurities?
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Your partner has gone through a major portion of their childhood and maybe adulthood by the time you came around. During that period, they’re likely to undergo events that have moulded them into the person they are with you. If you feel they get triggered or sad by a particular topic, don’t leave them be just because it’s uncomfortable.

Sometimes, uncomfortable conversations are needed to build a strong foundation for your relationship.

What Is Your Love Language?
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There are 5 types of love languages- Words of affirmation, Quality time, Physical touch, Acts of service, and Receiving gifts.

You need to understand which language your partner resonates with the most. You cannot love them how you expect to be loved. If their language is quality time, plan a nice movie date and just keep popcorn ready. Nothing in the world will make them happier.

What Is Your Fight Language?
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Like it is important to understand your partner’s love language, it is even more important to understand their fight language.

There are 5 fight languages- Righteous, Retribution, Indignation, Distraction, and Justification.

Once you are able to comprehend which language your partner is trying to communicate, you can begin to address the real concerns behind that hot-headed anger.

What Is Their Favorite Thing About You?
Favorite Thing About You
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It is said that your soul mate forms the other half of you, that you’ve spent your life searching for. There are times when you would feel that your smile is crooked, or your eyes are droopy, or your laughter is awkward and loud, but these same imperfections are what your partner might find the most endearing about you. This sense of reassurance that you gain from your other half is enough to stir romance to last a lifetime.

What Makes Them Happy?
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Last but not least. What makes your partner happy, in fact ecstatic?

You need to know this so you can help them achieve that level of happiness. It can be as simple as food, or music, or as vast as their career or family. Understanding their source of happiness gives you an insight into their priorities.

And two individuals who keep trying their best to make the other one happy, are the ones who never fall out of love.

You can discuss even beyond this list-about things that are specific to you and your partner. Just a few months before the wedding, these questions can help you find clarity so you are able to handle arguments better a few years into your marriage.