Things to do a week before your wedding day


After  months and months planning, it’s finally a few days before the big day or should we say your wedding day! And now all that’s left to do is show up, right? Well, not so fast. the week before your wedding can surely be a bit hectic with a few last-minute tasks to check off your list. But if you’re unsure on where to start we got you.

Test Drive the Full Look

Don’t stop with just saying yes to your wedding lehenga. A few days before the wedding it’s best to try on the full ensemble, including shoes and jewelry, to finalize your look. Practice walking down  and making sure everything looks and feels comfortable.

Break in Your Shoes

Your wedding shoes are likely brand new, and you’ll be wearing them for a while on the big day. Wear them for a short period of time each day around the house and walk around on a few different surfaces to really test them out.

Clean Your engagement ring 

Head to your jeweler to get your rings professionally cleaned so they’re extra sparkly on your wedding day. And also for it to match with your wedding jewellery 

Confirm Honeymoon Logistics

Double-check your flight times and confirm your hotel bookings and any other activity or dinner reservations you might have.

Assign Someone to Grab Gifts and Decorations

Choose a family member to collect the card box, any wedding gifts that guests brought, and any decorations you may want to keep and take them home for you. You may be too busy to remember to do this, or you may be heading to your wedding after-party.

Pack An “Emergency Kit”

You can buy an emergency kit specifically for the occasion or go the DIY route. You’ll want to include things like Band-Aids, a nail file, hair spray, pain killers,  a small sewing kit, and extra makeup.