Things to keep in mind before you date the love of your life

Relationships are a life-changing experience. They can be great or well, even not that great. They’re an important part of everyone’s lives because they teach you things about maturity, red-flags, communication and even yourself. They are a yardstick we all cross at some point and after we do, we often wish we’d done things differently. If you’re somebody who’s about to enter a new relationship, these will definitely help you (and also probably save you from some pain).

Put Yourself First, Always

In your relationship, remember that while they are important, you are a priority. You should put your needs first and not let them take you for granted. Never let them talk (or walk) over you, subdue you or make you feel small in anyway. Be strong. Additionally, you should not be assertive to the extent of dominating and insulting your partner either!


They Are Not Worth Losing Your Friends Over

Girlfriends and boyfriends come and go, but your friends are forever (or at least a couple of years longer). Either we have, or someone we know has pushed friends away while being in a relationship, and it’s never a good thing. Especially if your significant other is the one pushing for it, that is a giant red-flag! Your friends are your personal safety net, and they can see what you cannot when it comes to your relationship. They hype you up, support you and also tell you if something is wrong. They know you better than your partner. Instead of isolating from them you should make them more familiar with your significant other!

Don’t Change Yourself To Suit Them

If they don’t like you for who you are, with all your traits, peeves and quirks, they are not worth it. You should never feel the need to change yourself to suit their image of you. 10/10 women can attest to the fact that this will just lead to long-term insecurities and set you off on a path to losing yourself. Your partner should want to be with you for who you are, not who they want you to be.


Be Gentle, Honest & Kind To Them

It is important they treat you well and equally important that you do too (especially if it’s their first relationship). Be nice, gentle and caring towards them. Treat them with kindness. Be understanding and accepting to their needs. If you are initiating a breakup, let them down gently instead of opting for the popular “ghosting” method. Be open, loyal and honest with them throughout.

Take It Slow

We cannot stress this enough! Always take your first relationship slow and steady. When you first date someone, you’re still learning how to really “be” with someone and you shouldn’t rush into it. Especially when it comes to the physical part of it, take is (very) slow. You need to establish complete trust before being physical with them, whether it’s a kiss or something more (especially if it’s something more). It’s also important to speak up if you think they are rushing you or your relationship is going too fast.

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