This Diwali opt for eco-friendly decorations


Diwali decoration is main part of the festival and starts with cleaning and decorating houses week before. Since the festival is celebrated with enthusiasm. Diwali decoration has become a vital part in homes and offices. With the change in time, people have started celebrating the festival with grandeur which has a put a toll on the environment. This Diwali go green as Wedding Affair brings to you some eco-friendly Diwali decoration ideas for home, office and school.

Use Organic Eco-friendly Colours

No festival is complete without a Rangoli. For an eco-friendly Diwali decoration, it is a good idea to use organic rangoli colors. Alternatively, you can use flower petals or leaves to make your Diwali. You can also prepare Diwali colors by using some kitchen staples like white rice, turmeric, fennel, kumkum, and others for different colors.


Make Your Own Toran

Torans instantly give a festive touch to your home and office. These days’ different types of torans are available in the market. However, if you are planning to celebrate eco-friendly Diwali, you can opt for mango and coconuts leaves for making your very own toran. You can add marigold flowers to the toran to give it more color. Both marigold flowers and mango leaves are considered pious. Thus, these are ideal for torans. Alternatively, you can use colorful papers or newspapers to make torans at office and home.

Mason Jar Lights

This festive season do not invest in expensive decoration items like lamps, instead, create one by using your old mason jars. For this quick DIY. All you have to do is take a coloured mason jar and add a coil of string light into it. The color of Mason jar will emit the corresponding color, which will instantly make your bedroom luminous. You can go ahead and decorate it further if you want to add some more elements to it.


Floating Candles For The Home

Floating candles look pleasing. You can use floating candles or tea light candles to decorate your living room. You can even make your own floating candle with an orange peel. Turn a squeezed lemon up-side-down and remove the white pith. Fill it with oil and cotton wick with this your natural candle is ready to light. Place it in the vessel of water. To add some colors, you can sprinkle fresh flower petals around the candle or add some fruits like grapes, cherries, and cranberries for a colorful appeal.

Go Green

What could be more environment-friendly than placing indoor plants? Look for the plants that are easy to take care and does not soil your work area or home. Plants like money plant, calathea, umbrella plants, etc. are an ideal for apartments. Indoor plants will add a fresh scent in your home or office and look aesthetically pleasing as well. Moreover, plants are ideal for Diwali gifting as well.

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