This Is How Jacqueline Fernandez Always Stays Fit


The Sri Lankan beauty who loves to keep her fans updated with her workout regimen recently posted a video in which the gorgeous actress was seen performing Viparita Chakrasana. Jacqueline is training hard for Race 3 and it seems that she is also learning martial arts for the same. Along with regular workout sessions the actress also believes in maintaining a healthy diet.

What Jackie Eats In A Day


The actress makes sure to start her day with a clean slate by consuming a glass of warm water with honey or lime. She never forgets to sip on some protein shake post her workout. For her meals, the actress follows a macrobiotic diet plan loaded with green vegetables, sushi and salmon. Each and every meal that she has is divided into three parts namely, carbs, proteins and vegetables. Jacqueline has also found a healthy way out to snacking, dry fruits and seeds. Dry fruits are not only a healthy substitute for snacking but also a yum one. The leggy lass also avoids sugar at all costs. At times she does cheat on her diet by eating her favourite pizza loaded with vegetables or dessert to satiate her taste buds.

Her Workout Routine

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Jacqueline keeps switching her fitness routine with yoga and Instagram is a loyal witness to all her fitness shenanigans. Being a morning person the actress wakes up early and works out for about an hour or two. Her holistic regimen includes everything from swimming, dancing to yoga. The enchantress always takes out time from her chock-a-block schedule to meditate as it helps her calm and soothe her nerves. Being an avid dancer, the actress loves pole dancing and is often seen posting pictures and videos of the same on her social media.

Key To A Radiant Skin

Having suffered from acne issues, the stunning actress makes it a point to be thorough with her skincare routine and believes in taking care of herself inside out. She drinks a lot of water, smoothies and juices. She never forgets to add coconut water to these exotic concoctions. The actress also stresses on removing makeup before going to bed and using the products that are best for your skin and hair type. Pro Tip: Spritz a little rose, aloe or mineral water once in a while to keep your skin hydrated.  

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