This is how you need to take care of your bridal jewellery


Just like your wedding outfit, those expensive bridal jewellery is one of your important possessions. They have been a crucial part of your big day when you entered the new phase of your life. And for those, who have spent their savings to purchase gold, Kundan, or diamond to look extra glamorous for their grand day, it’s highly essential to take care of the heavy jewellery to retain their shine. So, here are some tips to take care of your bridal jeweller post wedding.

Check for polishing

Kee checking your jewellery every 6 or 8 months to see if they need a clean-up or polish. This should be done even if you wear the jewellery regularly and not storing it in the locker, because there can be built-up of dirt which needs to be cleaned by the mentioned process.

Store them in the right way

Store the jewellery in a box folding them in a piece of cloth or tissue. You can put camphor balls to keep the moisture at bay. The box should be in good condition and check for every 6 months to see if you need a new box.

Cleaning after every usage

After wearing them and before storing in the box, make sure you wipe them up with a microfibre cloth to eliminate all the dirt and dust from it. You can the cloth which you use to wipe your spectacles.

Keep them away from chemicals

Don’t spray perfumes or put any creams on your jewellery. If you are going to wear them, make sure you do that after completing your makeup and all. Jewellery should be worn last and taken off first.

No direct sunlight

Keep them away from harsh light and direct sunlight. Store them in a place where there is no light. Because harmful sun rays can damage its quality.

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