This Wedding Season, Style your Saree with a Belt!


Saree, also known as six yards of grace is the most beloved and elegant attire in the Indian culture. Almost every girl dreams of wearing a saree be it at her class farewell or her wedding reception. Saree can elevate your confidence and makes you feel powerful.

But, as times are changing, women, especially those belonging to the Millennial or Gen-Z category want to add some spice to the traditional draping and styling of sarees. In a world where fashion is a form of self-expression, it is quite understandable that adding new flavors to the old saree style will become the norm.

Belts are the quintessential styling accessory in any fashion enthusiast’s wardrobe. Belts can easily elevate any outfit and can make it stand out. Styling your sarees with a belt is the perfect way to give the traditional attire a modern twist. Belts give you a more polished and professional look. From corset to normal leather, any type of belt can be used to style a saree.

    1. Corsets for a cinched look

Corsets are all the rage nowadays. Styling them with skirts, layering them over shirts and t-shirts, etc. is in the trend, so why not wear them with a beautiful saree? Corsets will add a certain type of seductive charm to the saree. From Shilpa Shetty to Kangana Ranaut at Cannes, Bollywood celebs are certainly loving this type of styling. It gives the outfit a polished look and will certainly make one stand out.

Kangana Ranaut wearing a corset with saree at Cannes
    1. Metallic Belts

Add pizzazz to any plain saree by pairing it with a metallic belt. Metallic belts look edgy and are very classy. Wearing a gold or silver metallic belt with your saree can make it an interesting and modern attire.

Metallic Belts are the rage!
    1. Statement Fabric Belts

Fabric belts matching the cloth and pattern of the saree are very much in trend. Designers like Sabyasachi, have designed sarees with matching belts and his signature Bengal tiger logo. This kind of outfit has been adorned by various celebrities and fashion influencers.

Katrina Kaif adorning Sabyasachi outfit with a statement fabric belt
    1. Bling it on!

Make your plain saree look snazzy and add some bling to it by styling it with an embellished belt. This kind of outfit is best for a night out or a cocktail party. You’ll shine brighter than a disco ball in this outfit. You can also use a statement belt with various stones and designs on it to give your outfit an edge.

Shilpa Shetty in a statement saree with a belt
    1. Traditional Indian belt or Kamarbandh

Kamarbandh is one of the traditional Indian jewelry which women wear around their waist over sarees. These can be as simple as a chain and can be elaborate with gold motifs and designs on them. Kamarbandhs are usually worn during a wedding by the bride or on a special occasion.

Kamarbandhs can be ass elaborate and simple as you want them to be
    1. Add a blazer with your classic leather belt

Look professional and chic in your saree just by adding a belt and blazer over it. It is modern and extremely stylish. You will look like a girl boss you are and will stand out in the crowd. This look will add extra spice to your outfit. Bollywood celebrities like Karishma Kapoor have also styled their saree in this style.

Pair belt and blazer with your saree to look classy

Styling your sarees with a belt is not only modern but also very fashionable. It gives you a very put-together and is very avant-garde. Belts over saree also accentuate your curves and waist and look seductive and sophisticated at the same time.

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