Thoughts of an Indian Bride before her Wedding Day

Wedding day

Thoughts of an Indian Bride before her Wedding Day: Weddings are an exciting affair with a lot of mixed feelings. These feelings can be joy, anxiety or backing at the last minute which is completely understandable. There will be endless thoughts in your mind before the wedding with them comes to a lot of responsibilities and things to be taken care of. But ultimately, weddings are the cathartic event that can change your world upside down.

Weddings are a great deal for the brides. From the best dress to the perfect makeup, from an exquisite wedding venue to the ideal photographer she wants everything to be on point. All these preparations have to be done at least a week before the big day arrives. But sometimes she happens to leave the minute details. At times, she is not clear herself what she wants on her wedding day. This blog is for all those brides-to-be who are going to get married and the thoughts that cross their minds until they are done with the big day.

The first thing that pops into a bride’s mind is whether she made the right choice. We can’t not agree with this thought as her whole future is based on that decision. Indeed, you are the perfect match for each other, still, this question does not appear to leave your notion about the life you will be leaving after you tie the knot. Don’t worry as it is perfectly fine to have these kinds of thoughts but try thinking about the positive side, the fresh start you can give to your life.

  • Have all the arrangements been made?

    Thoughts of a bride
    Make a checklist!

This is the most obvious thought of a bride before the wedding day. The wedding day is the most special in a bride’s life. She does not want things to go messy or in the wrong direction. She keeps thinking about it and eventually loses her calm which you shouldn’t. Make a checklist and mark the ones that have been arranged. So, you won’t get confused.

  • How will I leave my family behind?

    Cherish every moment with them

A girl is very attached to her family. Leaving them behind and adapting to a whole different family is a lot for her. She does not know how her in-laws going to be, or what are their likes and dislikes. On the wedding day, your parents are the only ones you will be needing. Spend as much time as you can with them. Therefore, cherish every moment that you get to spend with them.

  • Will the lehenga fit?

    Thoughts of a bride
    Correct your posture

The tension that eats a woman alive is if she is fat or if she is looking fat in the dress, particularly the brides. Not everyone is blessed with an ideal body. Don’t torture yourself with this thought. If you feel like you are looking fat in your wedding outfit put your shoulders back and chin up as this will correct your posture and you will not look fat in the wedding photos.

  • The thought about in-laws

Adjusting to a completely new family can be very challenging if the people are not cooperative or accepting. Hence, this thought of the bride-to-be is purely understandable. That is why it is advised that when the date is finalised start meeting them every once in a while. This will give you an idea or an overlook of how your in-laws going to be. It will give you clarity if you will be able to adjust to the groom’s family. Also, this will help you build a closer relationship with them.

There are so many thoughts that come to a bride’s mind until she gets hitched. She overthinks everything. For example, if the guests of the groom’s side will like her, what if her makeup gets ruined or if she reaches the venue late? Take deep breaths and make effort to divert your mind off things. Indulge yourself in other activities. Everything will so go fine and smoothly.