Time for thrifts!!: five popular thrift stores on the gram!


Shopping on the gram is like the new age trend, right? Gen z finds it much easier to go shop on the gram and make sure of selecting the perfect shop stations. Speaking of perfect shop stations, what are your thoughts about thrift shopping? If youre quite into thrifts and you support this notion well then we have some of the best thrift shops on the gram listed below.

Thrift India- @thrift_india


To begin with, we would first like to mention thrift_indiawhich is one of the most efficient shop stations on Instagram. Their hand-picked thrift collection has the potential to drive you girls crazy and thats probably because of their floral collections and their aesthetic pieces. The brand has managed to gather its place on web portals as well as magazine features. So, dont waste any time just slide into their DMs with your fashion choices.

Vintage laundry: @vintage.laundry

According to what their bio says, they aim at curating a fashion route for all the broke millennials out there. So, you guys dont need to save up big for shopping and stuff because vintage laundry is all about the gender-fluid, second-hand clothing to spice up your wardrobes. The printed and goofy styles of the brand are probably what can grab your attention, and trust me you just wont be able to scroll down without gushing over their styles. From some outlandish prints, baggy pieces to basic clothing, they have everything to offer.

Lulu thrift: @lulu_thrift_


Another stop on the thrift train would be at lulu thrift, just like every other thrift store in India, even this one ships worldwide and makes sure to give their shoppers a wonderful clothing collection. From basic clothing, sporty t-shirts, dresses for the ladies, and different blouses to some sassy wearables for the boys, this store accumulates all that youve been finding for.

Paradime thrift: @paradimethrift

This ones a little different from all the other brands, yes even this aims at fashion but more like pop culture fashion. If youre a huge fan of street style and pop culture-inspired clothing well then you are at the right stop, my friend! Because paradime thrift works with both men and women and their quirky collection of varsity tank tops and even some cool and spunky hoodies and statements t-shirts for all of you.

Whered you get it: @wheredyougetit

Well, now this ones the one-stop shop for all the beautiful ladies out there! If youre the aesthetic kind or the goofy kind youre all welcomed in here. ‘Whered you get it’ tends to offer you, girls, a perfect and vibrant collection of not just sexy clothes in all sizes, but also pretty handbags and other funky additions in terms of fashion.

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