Tina Dutta Reveals the Detective within!


Being curious is a human tendency and we all have weak moments wherein we “accidentally” read texts or open mails, not addressed to us. This constant curiosity to get an insight into other people’s personal matters makes us all self-proclaimed detectives. Soap actress Tina Dutta recently shared with us her encounter with spying:

“Earlier, whenever I used to buy new things for myself, I had the habit of sharing the photos to my friends. One of my school friends would always comment that she had the same dress or accessory and would blame me for copying her style. Every time when we friends would meet, she used to wear the same outfit that I had. So finally, we all decided that we would try to find out what exactly is happening, as it ca’t be a co-incidence every single time. I shared a photo of my new dress and as usual she said that she already has it, we were all waiting on her and then started following her and we were shocked to see that she would go to the same shop buy the same stuff that I had. We then confronted her and she apologised to me”

Looks like same dresses have been pitting women against each other for years now! Kudos to Tina Dutta for finding out the truth slyly, with her squad supporting her.