Tiny elements that leave a big impact in your room

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When we walk into any room our senses naturally grab the things that take up most of the space and from there you can judge how the room is. But when you really settle down in a room you’re able to see the tiny elements that have been put into place and you just constantly think about them. Listed below are a few tiny elements you can add to your room decor to leave a greater impact.

Petite frames


Everyone is not a big fan of large frames as they take up the entire length of the wall and that is not the feasible option all the time. Petite frames are just the opposite as they don’t take much space and are cute as hell. You can even use multiple frames as they are a great addition to your room making it look all aesthetic and boho.

Fairy lights

Fairy lights can give any part of your room an aesthetic feel or look. It is up to your creativity to see where you want to put them as the possibilities are endless. Just put these lights on and see the difference for yourself. We guarantee that your room will look a whole lot different after that.

Scented candles


The thing with scented candles is that they improve your room in more than one way. There are many options to choose from and all of them are aesthetically pleasing to look at, also they will make sure that your room smells fantastic in the process. And just to add to the decor you can think of buying a good candle stand as well to complement the idea.

Tiny indoor planters

Now we know indoor planters come in all shapes and sizes but we’re talking about planters that are a fit for your room’s side table as they definitely bring a positive change to your room. Plus you have so many options when it comes to planters as you can choose what really suits your room and well your personality too.

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